Tuesday, January 17, 2012

PinterTest Kitchen: Bad Friend Edition

So I'm a bad friend.
Jessica hosts the PinterTest Kitchen each month.
And I fully support it.

Except this month I was a slacker.
Got a case of the Januaries.
And got lazy in my blog posts.

Even though I was an overachiever
and basically completed my pintertesting immediately after December's Pintertest post.
But never got around to writing the post.
Until now.

I made THIS deliciousness:

And it was SO GOOD.

Emily hosted her seasonal Crafts & Crap night - which was SO FUN. 
Holiday Edition.

I asked my sister to help me find something on my pinboards 
that I could whip up quick style for the evening, with ingredients I already had.

She found the coffee cake recipe. 
The only thing I needed that I didn't have in my kitchen was Eggnog and Sour Cream.

We were headed to CVS to return the Rug Doctor and pick up an ornament for the craft anyway 
- and they had both.

When I got home. I immediately got to work.

Don't tell me you don't like eggnog.
Who wouldn't love a cute happy face like this!

Apparently I even had Rum Extract in my cabinet!
Who even knows why.
But, a girl should always have rum (extract)
in her cabinet.

Things were going smoothly.
And then I got to the part of the recipe which said "Refrigerate for at least 8 hours".
Party in two hours.
One hour baking time.
Um, sister-fail.
So much for a quick style recipe.
But, I threw the batter in the freezer for one hour.
And in the end, everything turned out peachy.

Does anybody know why a recipe like this would require chilling for so long? Or at all? 

Best part of this recipe by far was the glaze.
I added my own step and pin pricked the entire coffee cake before pouring the glaze. 
Which allowed it to soak in deliciously.

So I give this recipe a 10.
But I think my taste testers may not have.
Those who actually tried it loved it.
But it didn't go very fast.
Which probably had to do with the abundance of other treats and goodies.
And people's prejudice of eggnog.
But I think if people didn't know what was in it,
they'd love it.
So make it.
And lie.
Call it Nutmeg Coffee Cake.
Or Christmas Spice Coffee Cake.
Or Don't Be Such a Hater Coffee Cake.
They'll never know the difference.

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  1. I hate egg nog. Sorry. Also. I do not have rum extract. I have rum. Always have rum. And legit moonshine. I highly unrecommend the moonshine. Unless you need to clean paint brushes. It's brutal crap. I thought I was going to keel over and die.

  2. I love egg nog!! I would have eaten it!!

  3. I don't like eggnog at all in any form. Sorry, Charlie.

    Those red & white bowls are awfully cute though!

  4. #1 you are NOT a bad friend. #2 how did i miss this that night? i love egg nog but in baked goods only. was it on the dessert table? i smell a conspiracy. someone hid the egg nog.

  5. You bring the craft and I'll bring the crap. Sounds like a great party. Invite me next time.