Monday, September 19, 2011

A Vintage Bridal Shower for a Modern Bride

This weekend I had the privilege of throwing my dear friend Cari a bridal shower.
A few months back, Jessica bought a cute "Call Me Mrs." vintage bride guide from etsy.
Which offered the perfect inspiration for the shower!

With all that is Etsy, and Pinterest, and especially blogs - there was plenty available to make it a success.

First, the invites...

I am the kind of person who loves anything that serves a dual purpose.
When searching for "vintage bridal shower favors" I ended up surfing the vintage section of Etsy.
No specific favors or ideas came up - but I found a lot of vintage handkerchiefs.
Which made the light bulb go on!
Favors and decorations!

I love the way they looked clothespinned to some twine strung across the room.
It was super simple, and had a bit of a bigger impact than I anticipated.
And hardly cost anything!
Win. Win.

And sometimes, trying to get the shot you want takes a little creativity.
And co-hosts making fun of your gymnastical furniture climbing.
And taking mocking pictures of you while laughing hysterically.
Followed by them copying your exact move...
because they know it's a great shot.
You're welcome ladies.

A few more of the details...
The tag says "To catch your tears of joy on the big day"

I also got 1/2 gallon mason jars from Michaels ($3.49 each, woop woop!) - and put a few lemons from my parents tree mixed with some pink tulle inside of them.

The Food.
Fruit salad. Broccoli Salad. Trader Joe's Appetizers.
Baked Brie & Cheesey Artichoke Dip.

Betsy made the most amazing lemon cupcakes. With lemon cream cheese frosting.
I think everybody had two. Maybe three.
They were that good.

Set up was complete.
And the bride, a vision in white, arrived with her mama.

And so did her guests....

And of course a shot of the bride and her Maid of Honor.
I love these girls.

We played one quick game. A mad lib, based on the 1955 Housekeeping Monthly.
Followed by a few little advice cards for the bride...who may be known for baking with booze. ;)

A sweet time of prayer.
Lifting up the bride to be and her groom to Jesus!
{my favorite part of the shower!}

And of course - a shower isn't a shower, if the bride isn't showered with gifts!

All in all, I think it was a success. Keeping things simple was the way to go!
That way, the bride truly got to be the center of attention!

A lovely day, for a lovely girl.

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  1. So cute! I love the mason jars, what a great summer accent. And the vintage EVERYTHING!

  2. Beautiful! She is blessed to call you 'friend' :D

  3. I could kind of kill you for revealing my shower prep uniform. I could also kind of kill you because our ice machine is broken. #MOD

  4. Oh beautiful pictures!
    Everything looks sooooo cute!

  5. Great pics! I love the Mad Lib game thing - that's a little slice of awesomeness right there. So much fun! Cheers to having great friends (like you!) ;)

  6. What a cute shower!!! LOVE it! Great job! And, love the brides dress & love your dress!!!!

  7. I love it!!
    Everything is adorable.
    And she got the best gifts! :)
    And your dress is seriously CUTE.

    {see you sooooooooon!!}

  8. and

    I'm noticing I say 'and' too much.

  9. Everything looks so lovely and fresh! Not vintage blah at all!!! Gorgeous!!! :O)

  10. oh how super cute!
    this is such a fun theme.
    i want those cupcakes, too.

  11. It was a super sweet shower! and loved the vintage theme :)

  12. love!

    super cute idea.

    i love the vintage mad libs.

    great job ladies!

  13. I love your beautiful gifts of creativity! Those hankies are too cute, and I love the idea of the comic fill in! :)

  14. what a lovely party!

    the hankies and mad-libs and everything...perfect.

    was that a "j" and a "c" on her cups? they are very spiritual.

    the lengths we'll go to to get that perfect worth it!

  15. Where did you get the advice cards? I am helping to plan games for a vintage themed bridal shower in April, would LOVE that printable!

    1. Hi TOJJ,
      Your comment left no email, and there isn't one on your profile - so hopefully you see this - I ordered them here:


  16. Everything about this is sooo freaking cute, especially the bride's special guest. And she looks absolutely stunning. It is easy to see the detail that went into everything you did. Something like this for games may have been good for this type of sophisticated party.

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