Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hellooooo, from Corfuuuuuu!!!

Today I am in Corfu.
Another city that I am just winging it.

Soaking up more Greece.

Probably practicing my Greek alphabet.... alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon...

okay that is all I've got.

I am SURE I am desperately missing my puppy today too.

And I think you probably are too...so here is a little Mylie lovin....

Seriously? How cute is she?!?

I wish I had something fun to report on my adventures from a year ago...but all we had was an at sea day...
I was curled up in the lounge, drinking coca-lite, and reading.

Lot's of reading.

Dragon Tattoo #2.

We also made our last leg out of the Baltic Sea.
Which meant passing by Norway.

And under this super famous bridge.
It connects Denmark to Norway. You just drive, and you are in another country. Kinda fun.

I think the entire ship came out to see the bridge crossing.

Norway on the right, Denmark on the left.

Hello Norway!

Going under!

Our last gorgeous, calm night at sea....


  1. does miley know she is dressed up like a kitty?

    pretty pix!

  2. Wow, gorgeous photos! I'm going to have to come back when I have a chance and catch up on your travels. :)

  3. corfu? is this really a real place? and ashlyn calls every small dog she sees mylie now, P.S.

  4. i would have to eat tofu in corfu. it would just have to be done. and thiiis is why i am annoying to travel with. ;) but how jealous am i of this trip??? a lot. :)