Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dobro Jutro Dubrovnik!

Or, as you may say in English,

Good Morning Dubrovnik!

Do you know where Dubrovnik is?
I did NOT. Until about a year ago.

It is in Croatia.
I had never heard of it.
Dubrovnik, that is. I had heard of Croatia. Obviously.

And we are taking the city by storm.
No plans.
The book says you can walk off the ship, walk a little ways, and explore.

Another one of those countries (like Russia and Estonia), that I never imagined I'd visit.
Seriously, that is the best part of these crazy cruises. You don't get to spend a lot of time in the big-you-should-spend-a-lot-of-time-there-cities, but you get to see places you may not ever get to otherwise.


A year ago? Still at sea.
This was actually a crazy day.
We had left the Baltic. And we were into the North Sea.
Apparently the North Sea is known for being rocky.

On our way INTO the Baltic we crossed through the North Sea at night, so if it was rocky, we had no idea.

But this day, was as expected.
The crew left barf bags along every staircase.
And yeah...there was barf. Everywhere.
Sorry to be gross.
But it was memorable.
All of the outdoor areas were sealed off.
My mom stayed in bed.
But my dad and I were feeling adventurous. And tried really hard to find anyplace we could to see the waves.
Since everyone was cooped up inside, our favorite lounge was packed.
We definitely had cabin fever.
We found one deck that was open. In the middle of the ship. Super top deck. We watched the waves crash over the lower decks.
It was sorta crazy.
Probably not good for someone unsteady on their feet.
Anyway, that was as far as we could explore.
So, we spent a lot of the day back in the room. Reading. And packing.

It was time to come home.

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