Friday, September 16, 2011

Insta European Vacation

Long time, no blog.



I am so sorry.

Vacation was lovely.
But catching up on real life.
Not so lovely.

I don't need a vacation from my vacation.

I need a vacation from my return from vacation.

The good news is...I have 5 trips to southern california (well one is to Vegas) through the end of November.

I am singlehandedly going to be keeping Southwest Airlines in business. DING!

Anyway, I'm back from Europe.
And besides uploading my pictures to my computer, I haven't even looked at them.
Which kinda makes me sad.

And I know it's making you sad too.
At this rate, please expect the Europe recap circa 2031.

But for now, the few Instas I was able to upload during my brief WiFi moments.

First off...leaving SFO.
As a kid, my mom always packed Hostess Donettes for airport breakfasts.
I guess Little Debbie will do.

Layover in Amsterdam. I LOVE this airport....
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:
(That is a can sit and eat in)

Exhibit C:
(Which we did. Dutch apple pie and an almond tart)

Barcie-Pants. With Dad.
Accidentally forgot to say "con leche" when ordering dad his espresso discaffenato.
He was a good sport.

I did a drive by of the churros con chocolat.
They wouldn't let me eat them.

Monte Carlo, Monaco.
Insane beauty.
Insane wealth.
Yachts for miles.

Oh hey I drive a red Ferrari.
Oh, you do too?
Oh that guy does too?

Cafe with milk.
By the Trevi Fountain.
Best part of my day in Rome.
I could have sat there all day.

Lunch in Rome: Lasagna.
I wish I could have had 75 servings.
Yep, with vino too.

Followed by the best Tiramisu in Europe.
I know. Because I had a lot of Tiramisu in Europe.

And an espresso.
No milk.
Because I'm grown up like that.
Or they just didn't give me a choice.

I miss you.
Yes to all of it.

Modus Salad.
Variation on the greek salad.
Now, I am a girl who loves sun dried tomatoes.
Um, but these were the size of silver dollars.
Entire tomatoes.
A bit much.
But it looks pretty in the picture.

And finally...not an insta....but I snapped this pic on my cell phone...laying out by the Mediterranean Aegian Adriatic Ionian Sea (after I dipped my feet in the water).

And it was as lovely as it looks.

Despite being busy, I can't wait to share the real pics from my big girl camera.
But for now...I hope you enjoyed.

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  1. What a TEASE! I love these pics, but am anxiously awaiting the ones from your "big girl camera". :) And please tell me you got some of those adorable mugs on the bottom shelf of Exhibit A. ;)

  2. Kim~!!!! What a fantastico post!!! I would be drooling over all those mugs not to mention the churro's!

    I can't wait to read about more of your adventures,especially Vegas :)

  3. What an incredible vacation!!! I hope you bought some of those mugs!!!!I would have to fill them with coffee though, no tea!!

    have a great weekend!!!

  4. LOVE the frosted chocolate donuts. Those are ALWAYS one of my travel go-to snacks. Also, Greece...amazing.

  5. Food and sleep. It's what vacation is about. And when are you going to So Cal besides Blog Sugar? I am going Oct. 7th and Dec. 2nd...

  6. Remind me to take that same cruise someday ;)

  7. i want to go and prance around europe for days and days. i am so glad you had fun! great insta's. i cant wait to see the big girl camera ones. :-)

  8. So amazingly gorgeous. I love that every other picture is of coffee of some sort.. haha

  9. um yes. you do need a vacation from your back from vacation. let's go. friday. yes. P.S. greece pic is my FAVE.

  10. PLEASE tell me you had pizza in italy. It was seriously the best thing I ate there. I can still taste it...unfortunately I'll never be able to find that place again.