Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm Going, Going, Back, Back, to Italy.....

Italy...I'm baaa-aaack!

This time, we're in Venice.
Our ship has made it's final stop.
But we don't have to leave just yet.
We get a day to explore Venice!

I'm not exactly sure what we'll be doing - but we are here for the night - so we may be taking an evening ride on a Gondola!

Touristy? Probably.
But I'm a tourist. So roll with it.

I am excited to be here.
I heard that Venice would be awesome.
So Venice, you have some expectations to live up to, got it?

On the otherside, 2010, we had also just docked at our final stop. Back to Dover, England.
They cattle called us off the ship. And we boarded a bus.
And drove along the trafficky freeway to Heathrow.
No fun stops.
And tons of rain.
So it was kind of hard to do any from the bus sightseeing.

But once inside Heathrow. And the super nice ticketing lady upgraded my mom and I's tickets to match dad's in Economy Plus (holler for 6" of extra leg room), we had a few hours to kill.
Which meant, shopping, and eating!

Since we really didn't get to explore England on this trip - I had two airport goals.
To have a cuppa tea in England. And some fish & chips.

I made sure both happened.
The cuppa tea was nothing to write home a blog about.
And the fish & chips were good.
But what really was awesome, was the Strawberry Cider I had with it.

So good that when I got home I had to look up where I could find it.
Bad news. They don't carry it in the states.

Also funny, the cider is Swedish. Wish I had known about it when I was in Sweden. I would have chug-a-lugged. Ikea, do you hear me? Please start stocking Rekorderlig. Pretty please?

It was like a strawberry fanta.

After lunch, mom and I did some shopping.

And um, the pound is an even worse conversion than the Euro.
Whoops. Again.

Oh well, we had fun!

I guess that concludes Europe 2010 the Recap, and Europe 2011 the Preview.

Tomorrow, we disembark. And return to the States.
I am sure I will have plenty of tales to tell.
And thousands of pictures to share.

And probably hundreds of emails to catch up on.
At home, and at work.

Thankfully, I have a weekend to deal with the personal stuff.
And let's just not think about the whole going back to work thing!

Thanks for coming along on the journey!!!
See you all back on the other side of the pond!!!


  1. wonder how many voicemails you'll have and how long it will take you to check them. I predict at least 7 work days :)

  2. wow! strawberry cider sounds awesome!!

  3. Venice! I have been drooling over pictures of Venice (and all of Italy) ever since I started my Pinterest account a few months ago... it! My #1 spot I want to visit in Europe. I need to catch up on your blog posts, I've been dealing with health issues and kidney stones and hospital stays. Have a fun rest of your trip!