Thursday, September 29, 2011

Forever...errr FINALLY 21!

Sometimes things work out just perfectly!
Back in March, Jessica and I got tickets for Blog Sugar - when I went to put it into my calendar, I realized it was the same weekend as the birthday of my dear friend Margaret - who attends school in Southern California. Margaret's birthday was Saturday, and Blog Sugar was Sunday. CA-CHING!

Combining the two events for one fabulous weekend was a no brainer.

Jess, Laura and I drove down Friday afternoon - checked into our hotel in Valencia - and Betsy and Margaret joined us. We got all gussied up and ready to leave, and our other friend Hannah {also attending college in SoCal} arrived!

It was a gorgeous warm Southern California night, complete with crazy awesome clouds - and a sky full of lightening {which I did not see myself, but apparently there was a lot}.

We had a hilariously fun dinner at BJ's celebrating Margaret's 21st.
Betsy provided the crown.
I provided the awesome.
Just Kidding.
Or am I?

She is an RA and is on a No Alcohol Contract through May of 2012.
So I hit up Cost Plus World Market and Sephora for some 21 themed, non-alcoholic gifts - including Margarita Body Wash, Cocktail Cupcake Mix, and Mocktail Mojito.

The Mocktail Mojito comes in a wine bottle shape - so I wanted to find a fun wine bag to present it in.
When I was at Cost Plus, I found that the gift bag section was even more awesome than I imagined.

Yes, that is Michael Jackson as a Chihuahua in gift bag form.
You're welcome, Margaret.

The rest of the table did not seem impressed.
But one of the BJ's waiters stopped dead in his tracks and nearly fell over laughing.
That was the reaction I was waiting for.

And just for comparison - "normal gift bag" and "MJ gift bag"

I mean, which would you rather have? A boring birthday angel, or the Canine King of Pop?
Obvious answer, right?

(They also have Lady Gaga, Snoop Dog, and Audrey Hepburn, all as animals, in case you are needing appropriate gift wrap).

And what would BJ's be with out a little Pizookie?
And crazy friend making faces at you while you blow out your candles?

Twenty-One looks good on you Margaret!

After dinner we hit up the hotel pool - which rudely kicked us out at 10pm - followed by dessert at the hotel restaurant to ring in Margaret's new year!

A night of beauty rest and we were up and continuing the party, after all, a birthday isn't a birthday if you don't celebrate for at LEAST two days....or a month. Whatevs.

Margaret allowed Laura (resident iPhone hater) to play with her latest apps.  She'll convert, it's just a matter of time.

We headed to the mall across the street - seriously, this hotel is in a fab location - and continued to celebrate Marge with her favorite activity - SHOPPING. And of course hit up the Photobooth.
Because what is a milestone birthday without a photobooth?

My sister is ridiculous.
Margaret had to be censored with a teal unicorn.
Jessica makes one mean fish face.
Betsy barely fit in the frame.
And I discovered food in my teeth in the last picture.

So FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY Margaret is 21! Welcome to the big girls club lady!


  1. That bag is hilarious!! Sadly,we do not have World Markets here. I'm crossing my fingers as we finally just got a Hobby Lobby!

  2. You crack me up. I appreciate the bag. : )

  3. Wow... she is as old as the number of years my hubby and I have been together. That makes me feel old!

    I love the you "provided the awesome" and the MJ bag!! You are so funny! Looks like you had a great time! :)

  4. I think there should also be a no unicorn policy for RA's. Ahem.

  5. What a fun birthday weekend!
    Ummmmmm, can I tell you how excited I am that you are doing NIKE!!!! I am going to look for you, or better yet we should meet up. Jacque is runnnig too! And I am not a beast for doing the full....just crazy! :)

  6. You were literally right in my 'hood! Next time you pass through Valencia, please holla at me and we can meet up for a cuppa somethin' at Coffee Bean! ;-) We even have a drive-thru one here...I almost DIED when we moved here and I discovered it. Have a fantastic weekend! How is it here again already?? XO