Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 on 10: Jet Lag Edition

Hello, from 6am.
Italian time.

Except I have been back in California for 27 hours.

And I got a decent night's sleep.

But crashing hard.

So, a quick recap of my first day back in the states.
Because I need to sleep.

Best way to start your first day in America?
With a Schnoodle, of course. 
She was still a bit sleepy for the photoshoot.

Best second step of your first day back.
Coffee in your cute new mug from Amsterdam.
And a tart cherry scone.

3/4's of my laundry/clothes to fold and hang.
Good news. 
It all got folded and hung by 11am. 
It's was a good feeling.

12 days on a cruise ship = 
tan legs and a much needed run....(errr, drag...if you are a schnoodle on a leash) - due to endless buffets and gelato.
Yep that shirt says
I "biked" Barcelona.
Because I did.
I almost didn't. Because they cancelled my tour.
But dad and I figured it out.
And it was awesome.
So I had to get the shirt.

Organizing my little patch collection.
Top group = last year.
Bottom group = this year.
I'm still missing England and Germany from last year.
Holland and Vatican city from this year.

I kinda need food.
Pickles and Peanut Butter aren't gonna cut it for long.

Quick trip to my parents'.
It was a memory card swap party.
Yes, three laptops.
First world problems HQ right here.

Grocery shopping.
I almost missed that the cashier rang me up for 6 cartons of strawberries.
I was jet lagged.
But not that jet lagged. 

Dinner and a Movie Date with my sister.
It's hard to tell, but we wore almost the same thing.
Which was weird.
Because we weren't exactly wearing match colors.
Plum colored tops.
Light colored cardis.
Yellow shoes.
And the same Nordies sunnies.

And my favorite thing at the movies tonight...
the legit Hunger Games movie poster.
More excited than for Breaking Dawn theater's release.
Don't tell my sister.

Missed you all the last few weeks, loved getting all of your comments on my While You Were Out series - and definitely will try to respond ASAP! :)

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  1. HOORAY! welcome home!
    cute patches. i do not have tan legs.
    we get lots of sun, but there seems to be zero uv in this frozen tundra.

    my sister and i do the matchy/coordinating thing A L L the time. and patrick and i too. never planned. always LOL.
    what movie did y'all see?

  2. My sister and I have shown up wearing almost identical outfits too! Get some sleep! : )

  3. I love that you are collecting patches... I have a few of those from countries I've visited too. It's a great idea!!
    I bet the pup was sooooo excited to have you home!! :)
    Welcome back!!!

  4. Great shots of your day..Love it..Hello there.. 'm following ya officially from ten on ten blog linky..Lovely blog you have here.Can't wait to read more.. Hope you can stop by & visit me sometime .. TY So much.. Have a great week.Marilyn from

  5. oh the pitfalls of international travel....but oh so worth it. Love that sweet little sleepy Schnoodle - and now I'm hungry for a scone.

  6. Welcome Back!!!!! Can't wait to hear more about your trip! And, you rock for getting all your laundry done by 11am. I am so impressed!

  7. welcome home! you are doing awesome for being jet lagged... remembering to do 10 on the 10th. i can hardly remember and i am not jet lagged.

    oh i so can't wait for the hunger games. have you seen any of the trailers yet?? so exciting.

  8. did you really love my 517 comments in a row or are you just saying that? and that memory card party is freaking hopping.

  9. your comment made me LOL.
    damn you people that get so much sleep. wait, except you. you are the exception...because you've been traveling the world. like a single person would. haha.

  10. pickles and peanut butter, don't let a pregnant women see that refrigerator! she'll eat you out of the house. pregnant me however would have devoured your watermelon (you gonna eat that entire thing alone?).

    i didn't go to europe but i feel jet lagged from moving. oh, and do you want to come battle my laundry? you seem to be really good at it.

    ummm, i can't get into my email right now so i am going to comment to your comment at my blog. thank you for the prayers. i need them, and feel them at work.

    i moved 16 times from the time i was 6 till i married michael when i was 22. many of those times were heartbreaking. moving and i aren't good friends. we lived in our house 6.7 years, the longest i've ever lived anywhere. i will miss it, BUT i WILL praise him for the memories/blessing there, while being determined to keep my eyes on what is ahead. Trusting the Lord.

  11. Your doggy is so cute! Welcome back!

  12. You are a rock star to get all that laundry done on your first day home. I still have a bag on the floor by my bed from a weekend trip I took (to San Diego = 1 hour drive) in July!!

    PS - I die at that Hunger Games poster. CANT. WAIT!!

  13. So glad you made it home safe and sound!
    Can't wait to see your pics and
    live vicariously through you.

    And apparently I need you to come over
    and be my laundry guru.
    You have skillz.


  14. welcome home!
    Love everything in your pictures specially your new cup!

  15. *chuckle* I had fun seeing your day. thanks for sharing!

  16. I see Croatia!! :) I so envy you on your trip!