Friday, April 15, 2011

I Bruise Black and Bleed Orange*

*True story. Phrase courtesy of Margaret.

Tuesday night a few 16 of us headed out to AT&T Park to watch the




take on

the uber lame, uber violent, Los Angeles Dodgers.

Or as my grandma calls them, the "Dirty Dodgers".

(boo. hiss.)

We arrived at the park as the sun started to go down. And bundled up with our scarves, hats, and jackets. 
It was gonna be a COLD night. 

We joined the crowds and walked through the Prop 19 Demonstrations smoke filled haze into the stadium.

We climbed the million stairs up to the upper level, where we had a gorgeous view of the entire park, and the Bay Bridge.

Oh, and World Series Champs banners. 

It was a good night at PacBell AT&T Park.

Our man Timmy (TIMMAYYY!!) was pitching.

Have you seen this kid pitch?

He gets a lot of press for his hair.

And smoking habits.

But this is the real reason they call him The Freak.

He is our freak. 
Our 155lb 180lb powerhouse.
He defines beastly.
Don't be jeal.
Okay, you totally can be. We are the champions after all.

So, despite my love for Timmy (TIMMAYY), my true baseball love is the Hot Dog.
Nothing better than a baseball hot dog.

Well, except a World Series Championship ring.
Which the guys on the field already have covered.

And see that guy sitting next to me?
That's my dad!
He came too!

Anyway, the game was FAB. U. LOUS.
The headwear?
Cindy, Ellen and Ang went for the multicultural look.

And Dave, got some Gold Logo BLING.

So, like, back to the game?

Dodgers scored first. Then we got on the board.

Then we tied it.
And then took the lead.
But then the Dodgers led again.
And the pack of Dodgers fans behind us started cheering louder than the Giants fans.
But that's because we're classy. 
And subtle.
And then we took the lead again.
And Giants fans let loose.


And then it was the 9th inning.
And our other little gem came out.

Maybe you have heard of him?
Brian "Fear the Beard" Wilson.

He is known for his beard.

But I love him for his cleats.

They are pretty sweet.

And certified ONLY 50% orange.

Would not want any MLB fines for going over the 50% mark.

So now, we are only 3 outs away from sending the Dodgers packing.

The chant of BEAT LA was getting louder and louder.

And those Dodger fans? Sitting down. And shutting up.
Their silence was sweet.

 And if you can't tell by the look on Ellen's face, we got the W!!!!!

No, not a blow out.
Not total domination.


That is how our World Series Champions like to roll.

And we love coming along for the ride.



  1. These pictures KILL me. Ellen with her berka wrap. DYING! P.S. Dave looks like a Dodger-ish thug in that first one. Straight ghetto with that gold bling.

  2. Ok! Now I am SO sad that I wasn't there. And these are quite possibly the best pictures I've ever seen of my friends - especially the candid one towards the end with Ellen having a crazy fan moment and dave behind her looking pensive!

  3. and then they won the next day too :) I love Brian Wilson!!

  4. p.s. I look like I need to work out my chin :)

  5. um, how much fun are y'all!? once upon a time, i loved baseball. now , kinda not much. going to games are a rockin' time though;)

  6. duuuudddeee... not all Dodgers are bad
    just the nasty, gangster fans.
    but some fans are classy.
    and some fans' dogs wear Dodger shirts and sleep on Dodger blankets.
    just sayin'

  7. I love it!
    I haven't been to a game in sooooo long.
    I think that needs to change this summer.
    So glad we beat LA.

    Hotdogs and peanuts and drumstick ice creams
    are a must for me.
    I heard once that there are no calories
    at the ball park.
    That's totally true, right??