Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sometimes things don't go as planned...

For example:

You dream of making something fabulous.

A recipe you have filed away for several months.

And you do your best.

But it just doesn't turn out right.

The good news is...

despite a few (literal) faults and cracks...

it still tastes as delicious as it should.

And, since it's ugly,

you end up with more for yourself.


  1. still looks delish despite the crack!

  2. I think I have to try making that, it sounds yum!

  3. you know I eat ugly desserts. you should have shared.

  4. This dessert still looks DELISH. I take deliveries :)

  5. Oh friend, I have been there!lol Last year I had to serve my hubby's fav birthday cake to him in a bowl mixed with frosting because the whole thing fell apart on me.

  6. wait, it looks fine!! of course, i haven't had sweets for three days, so everything looks beautiful;) it only matters how it tastes, really, right!!? xo