Friday, April 22, 2011

Furry Friend Friday: A Girl's Best Friends

Earlier this week, I posted on the loss of my dear friend Morgan.

One of the first things we bonded over was our love for our dogs!

When we met she had two schnauzers, Phoebe and Ashley, and we even snuck them into our dorms for an entire weekend in college. They were total loves!

So when I was on the hunt for a dog of my own, I knew a Schnauzer-Poodle mix was going to be awesome.(And she is!)

Morgan is actually the one who helped me name Mylie! She called me one day and said, "How about Mylie? Like Smiley Mylie." I loved it instantly, and it stuck!

And yes, this was in the days before anyone had even heard of Miley Cyrus - so there is no connection.

Anyway, one of my favorite pictures was when Morgan and John came to visit when I had first gotten my condo, and Mylie was only a few months old - look at this cuteness. She was still tiny and hadn't even had her first haircut yet (look at all those fringies).

Happy Friday! Give your your furry, and not so furry friends an extra squeeze today!


  1. so sweet, kim! a great little name too! xo

  2. oh, Mylie. our love-slightly dislike relationship has become mostly love. i DID love when she was little and cute though. she has given us a whole lotta smiles!

  3. Mylie is always the cutest pup! Makes me miss my Aunts dog Scruffy, he would have made a wonderful bf for Mylie ;)