Sunday, April 10, 2011

10 on 10: Sunday Blessings Edition

The last two 10 on 10's I participated in were on weekdays. Specifically, both on Thursdays. My life on weekdays is pretty boring. I was really looking forward to today's 10 on 10!

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Started out the day with my Sunday staple - my "Breakfast of Champions" at the Clover. aka Starbucks.
(Coffee and Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal).

Unfortunately this Starbucks loves to go heavy on the water in the oatmeal (sorry Timmayyy!) - but I think I have gotten my order JUST right with them. Because today, the Perfect Oatmeal lived up to it's name:

Well done Starbucks, well done.

Ellen met up with me and we had a little girl talk sesh.
And I noticed we were wearing the same thing. 
Same jeans, same jacket. 
We made Timmy take a pic of us when we got to church.

Jason was NOT a twinsie. But decided to make a cameo.
Thanks Jas.

After everything was all set up, I was sitting down and next thing I knew, looked up and KK has somehow gotten the two grandmas (one of which is her great-grandma) to turn her jumprope for her while she jumped. 
I almost died.
Such an awesome moment.
These grandmas are EPIC women.
I already knew that.
But this moment showed it in a new way.
Thankfully I had my camera right in front of me.
Honestly, it was one of those moments I don't think I'd believe unless I saw it myself.

Once Church started, Dave was giving announcements.
Ashy came up to help.
And Jess was at work. (boo. hiss.)
So Ashy's mama, and regular lobe donor was unavailable.
She worked with what she had.

My favorite part of Worship (through music), is when the kids get to come up front for their own song.
Every week I am reminded of how much love this body has, when a few girls will learn the signs for the kids song each week, and teach it to the kids.
We only have one sweet deafie. 
But everyone learns the signs. 
Even the grown ups.
I love looking around and seeing a room full of adults showing practical love to our children. 

After service was over. I did the hospitality rounds.
Made sure the food trays were okay.
Turned the hot water kettle back on.
And checked for leaks on the cold water dispenser.
The past three weeks we have been leak free.
It's a big deal in the hospitality department.
It's the little things.

After church I made a visit to the parentals. 
The sis shared her sammie with me.
Dutch Crunch. YUM.
We caught a bit of the Giant's game. (boo. hiss. On the loss.)
And I got to visit my "baby".
She is a funny girl.
She loves to play. But doesn't love being picked up.
She'll tolerate it.
She knows when I'm coming for her.
And rolls right onto her back.
Belly up.
Which makes picking her up a challenge.
I call it her Roly-Poly.
But cute.

Sis brought me a French Macaroon. 
Really sweet.
Really, really sweet.

And now, I'm at the Skigers. 
And about to eat some Chipotle.
Of course we are having a Mac Party. 

And last, but not least, ending the day with Chipotle. 
It is Sunday after all.
And so happy Jess got off work and joined us! 
(we missed you!)
(I think your little one missed your lobes)

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  1. This might be my favorite 10 on 10 ever, especially since a few were taken in our place :)

  2. The lobe grab is classic. And YAY for Chipotle!

  3. so, starbucks oatmeal is worth a try?
    i am so skeptical of such things.
    chipotle. love. amen.

    happy sunday! xo

  4. Because knowing how to enjoy friends daily and with love and encouragement is the key to success! Blessings Kim to you for your authentic personality. I love you! Valerie

  5. So fun Kim! I love our matchy matchy outfits!! ;)

  6. What a FUN day!
    Love your pictures...especially the grandmas!
    I've never been to Chipotle...I need to get there!

  7. i love the lobe grab, oatmeal, macbooks and pretty much everything about this post :)

  8. I love how you are always surrounded by friends!
    That says a lot.

    And I'll agree with you on SB oatmeal.
    {i always choose the nuts & not the fruit}
    Chipotle is one of Gary & my faves,
    and our kids complain about it every time
    we 'make them' go.

    You think it's possible they may not actually
    be our children?


  9. this is our sunday! same almost always but always enjoyable :)

  10. i have never had starbucks oatmeal...i must try it! and, the lobe grab is precious! Dutch crunch is the best bread EVER and I love your Chipolte Sunday tradition. so awesome!

  11. freaking lobe strobbbbb. my girl is OOC. i like your 10 on 10 much more than mine. #boo #hiss on the blueroom 10.

  12. Seeing everyone doing the signs together gave me goose bumps. So sweet. Love it.

  13. Love it! I think I need to tat a chipotle sunday! I'm a bit jealous!

  14. what a wonderful community your are in!

    chipotle and macs and JESUS, kim we could be VERY GOOD FRIENDS! :-)

  15. I remember the lobe. It was absolutely precious. Good job on the hospitality too!