Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Garage Saling or is it Garage Sailing...?

Anything Nautical is super trendy right now...so Garage Sailing. Why not?

Anyway, the Johnson's might live at the best Garage Sale house of all time. 

Two falls ago, we were cleaning out their garage - and next thing I knew, Ellen and I were selling all of their stuff. 

Last Spring, along with a few others, I had a sale in their front yard - and they weren't even home.

Their girls were though. And they almost didn't come out alive. 

Seriously. While I was out selling stuff to the early crowd, Ashy was busy doing this:

Once I got her on solid ground, I set her up with some Dora. She came to find me to tell me she wanted "waaaawaaaa" - while wiggling a sign language W. 

It was the beginning of the Sign Language days.  For everybody. I wasn't fluent in A.S.L., S.E.E. or A.S.H.L.Y.N.

I got the girl some water.

But that wasn't what she wanted.

So I hit replay on "dora" - since it kinda sounded similar.

No. She came and found me, practically BEGGING me for "waaawaaa".





Then I realized I hadn't fed her.

She wanted a WAF-FLE. Got it. Whoops. 

Worst babysitter ever.

This is why I don't let them pay me.

And then I made the girls sell my stuff.

They are pretty cute, I got a few offers on them as well - and the money was very tempting.
(Okay, only kidding!)

And then, I did this to Ashy. 

Poor baby. Seriously. Hide yo' kids.

This year Jess was there. So, thankfully I was able to NOT injure her children while I pawned my stuff on driveway.

My house has been collecting clutter for almost a year - since our last sale.
The loft basically became a storage unit. Totally forgot to take a before picture.
But, just imagine PILES of stuff.
The staircase was also FULL of garage sale stuff I had been collecting just the last couple of weeks.
So, on Friday, I hauled it all out of the loft, and off the stairs.
And made it to my car in three grocery carts.
Which I considered a major success.
Also a success, is not having piles on the stairs.
So good. So freeing.

Which is not to say there weren't a few casualties.
I piled that last cart a little too high.
And lost a bag.
Full of mugs.

I swept it up. And went down to the first floor where some glass had even gone over the edge.
I highly recommend shoes if walking around my complex in the next few weeks.

Anyway, car was loaded for Saturday.

The sale was great! Even better, people around the corner having their own sale, and marketing it. Right in front of ours. Which totally benefitted us.

Even KK and her friend made a killing! Which she later informed me they ended up giving up to purchase a book on Shells from Hannah.

Jon manned the couch. Literally. Only man. Never left the couch.
But it was convenient because he could also man my "store" while I ate lunch. And hacked online.

The rest of us rotated through the seats.
Claire and Hannah were on the opposite side of the yard, but they were making some killer sales.
Jess and EMJ covered the middle.

As Jess and Dave move to a new house in a new neighborhood, I think we are all really sad. 
I mean, we are losing our "store."

Okay, it's more than that.
They are only about 2 more minutes away, but there are so many awesome memories at this house. Around their table (sold!). On their couch (sold!) And in their yard. Seriously. PERFECT. GARAGE SALE. LOCATION.

It's probably a good selling point to put on the MLS Listing.

I think whoever lives here next may be a little surprised when we show up next spring to sell our junk! 

Because I totally will.


  1. i love having garage sales! we live in an apartment downtown though and don't know many people here. so no sales for me.
    also, you are a funny girl;)


  2. i didn't even KNOW you garage saled that saturday when ashlyn monkeyed out of her crib. i will definitely miss the hot spot location. but i will not miss people stopping every time we have ANYTHING outside for more than 5 mins asking if it's for sale.

  3. best garage sale yet! we all made a killing :)

  4. you totally beasted those three carts - amazing! Sad about the mugs though...I would have probably bought one from you :) I say we show up next Spring to the old Johnson residence and see if the new peeps will let us sell -- may be we can call it a sidewalk sale which is technically owned by the county? #desperatetogetridofcrap

  5. Thank you for documenting this momentous occasion :)
    i love you kim :)