Friday, April 29, 2011

Insta Friday: What I've Been Up to This Week

Happy Friday,
Linking up with the InstaFriday linky party today...
I've got a random smattering of Instagram shots from my week...enjoy.

First we have Easter Sunday. We had the family over to my parents' house. I took Mylie for a little stroll around the neighborhood to get some of her energy out, and allow the guests to settle in without a Schnoodle on their lap (yeah, it happens). We spent a few minutes sitting on the porch. One of us was a little more than anxious to get back inside. 

 When we went back in, I opened my Easter "basket" from my mom. Starbucks gift card, hair brush, candy, note cards, and a squeaky toy.
I was nice and shared with the little furry girl on my lap. I think she appreciated it more than me.
I wasn't feeling too great, so me and the snuggle pups hung out downstairs and ate our brunch. I'm kinda mean. And I didn't share my bacon. 

On Monday, I got play off tickets for the Shark's Game 7. I texted my dad and sister. My sister was excited. My dad did not reply. I called him that night to tell him the news and he said "if there is a game 7". Um, whut? They had to LOSE on Monday night to have a Game 7. They won. Boo. Hiss. Yay.  I still have the tickets...I'll sell them to you for fifty bucks. ;)
Monday evening (before the Sharks won) I met up with my Grandma at her favorite haunt, iHop. This lady loves herself some iHop. But only if there are coupons. She even gave me a few out of her surplus.

She also made me go into the bathroom AT iHop and try on some dresses she bought me. I didn't really get a choice. And my Grandma is a very persuasive lady ( might run in the family...), so I did as I was told. SO AWKWARD. Thankfully, no one came in. Also thankfully, they have a full length mirror.

After our dinner, Grandma had to head over to Dollar Tree next door. It's like peas and carrots. iHop and the Dollar Tree. They go together.

Tuesday was this cutie pie's birthday. Are you sick of me posting about my dog yet? Mylie got a lot of screen time this week. I promise I'll cut back in the future.

B ut for now, more Mylie.
Watched Survivor with my dad on Wednesday night. As soon as the sun starts to set, somebody is ready for bed. She becomes quite lumpy. And super cute. If I could only get her to snuggle on my lap. But for now, she sits on the opposite side of the sofa. Ear flopped up on the pillow. Too cute.

Thursday, Betsy and I met up at the mall and hit up our favorite store, Cost Plus (aka World Market). I love this store. I could spend my entire paycheck here. They have so much fun stuff that I want to try.

And other stuff, I most definitely DO NOT want to try.
Weird. Gross. All of the above.

Linking up at Life Rearranged! Happy Friday - I hope everyone has a great weekend! :) <3 <3 <3


  1. what is this word haunt as it relates to restaurants? is it weird that i have never heard it used in that context before? is it a gma thing? and those pickles should be banned from life.

  2. jess is crazy. haunt is legit. ALSO i would like to say that for someone who was with you almost EVERY NIGHT this week doing cardio and core, there is a disproportional mylie to betsy ratio. just sayin.

  3. totally like peas and carrots.
    i am hysterical over here about your ihop restroom turned fitting room. HAHAHA. your grandma seems just like one of my grandmas! when I was a kid, i used to spend a few months at a time with her after christmas. her spots were McDonald's-every wednesday and sunday-and Ames:) (peanut butter and jelly.)

    and i love the doggie posts!

  4. Aw, this makes me miss my grandma.
    I *love* that she made you try on the dresses.
    Love it.
    And love that she buys you dresses.

    And I'm with you on World Market.
    They carry things I need,
    that I never knew I needed.
    Mostly food-related things. :)


  5. peas and carrots. dude. dying.
    and i cannot WAIT to be old and eclectic...and pushy. because when you're old, you get away with stuff that other people can't. and i can't WAIT to mess with people like that! ;)

  6. your grandma is AWESOME!
    i love that you photographed yourself in the ihop bathroom. i would have so done that.
    you obviously get your awseomeness from your g-ma.

    chai cola...hmmm, i may need to make me a stop at the w.m.

  7. i love that you can still spend time with your grandma! one day, only God knows when, i'll be able to spend time with my grandma...

    i love the peas and carrots!!!!