Monday, February 4, 2013

Just More Life.

January is a slow month as far as adventures go, heck probably February will be too.
It is not a slow month for work and other responsibilities outside of work.
So, basically I have been busy.
And by busy I also mean watching Dawson's Creek reruns on Netflix as playing Candy Crush Saga on my iPad. (I have been stuck on level 79 for DAYS and see no end in sight).
And haven't found my way to get much up on this blog.
Not really enough for a full post.
But throw it all together, and such is life.

So, for now, a few more snapshots:

Fish Sitting.

Grumbly Dog Snuggling. 

 Nosy Dog Scolding.

Coffee Sipping.


Sister Brunching.

 Red Velveting.

Cuban Dining.

 Mason Jarring.


Vet Visiting.

Lockout Ending.

Goal Scoring. 

Cute Shoe Wearing. 


Diet Coke Drinking.

Kinds of days.


  1. so much AWESOME.
    reading this, am i cuppakimming?

  2. i echo hannah, "am i cuppakimming?"

    cute post. i want your shoes.

  3. i like the sneaker pic of miles sunbathing.

  4. cuppakimming. yes.

    i love that you're fish sitting. that is just an awesome responsibility. and i almost bought the potato chip bag that goes with the hot dog bag!

  5. oh that red velvet looks like perfection!

  6. That panorama of the shark tank....EPIC. Any chance you'd want to come and cat-sit? I swear its more fun than fish-sitting :P

  7. right now, my favorite pics are the diet coke ones. just cause they are free points. i like free points. i'm sure chocolate cake is free also. i enjoy chocolate cake a lot. i will admit here & now that i do not enjoy red velvet.