Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just a Few Happy Things

Just a few things I love this week...

First off, Monday was a holiday.
Which means the work week is only 4 days - can I get a hip-hooray?

This bunny dog romping through the clover.
Making sure there are no squirrels in her back yard.

I caught a little bit of a sunrise sky party over my building on Tuesday morning.


The pink blossoms arrived.
I look for them every February.
Last year they were here the week of Valentine's day.
This year, they decided to show up a little later.
They don't last long - so enjoy them while you can.

 I have been on the hunt for the most adorable bow ring for months.
Kate Spade has a gorgeous few to choose from, but I never could pull the trigger.
Instead I found this gem on groopdealz for a steal of a deal.
Bow Rings are never Bo-Ring.

I had a very happy visitor at work yesterday.
She made me the most beautiful butterfly sticker collage.


Tell me, what little bits of sunshine you have been finding in your days this week?



    All I got when Scout was at my aunt's last weekend was a picture of her going to the bathroom. Ummm...

  2. sunshine from my days include some sweet texts from michael, affection from noah- even though he's 14, josie make'n dinner all on her own the other night- tortellini lasagna, and emilie's "how can i help."

    blossoms already! i will be in the valley next week and will be glad if i spy some. betting my kids won't indulge me with some pix this time

  3. that tree! amazing.

    and now I want a bow ring.

  4. i am really enjoying your unbowring.

    let's see each other soon.

  5. Love the ring and beautiful sky......around here, chai tea lattes are becoming my happy. Have a great weekend!