Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Grover Cleveland Celebration Ride: A Golden Gate Park Adventure

I had yesterday off to celebrate and honor the Presidents.
I don't need to get all political and worry about Bush, Obama, Reagan, or Clinton.

No, my favorite president is Grover Cleveland.

And with a day off on the calendar, I had to plan some sort of adventure.
It's for the presidents, you know?

I put in the request with my dad and sister to do something active.
Dad suggested riding around Golden Gate Park, and believe it or not, I have not done much exploring there at all.
The most I have been in recent years was the tail end of the Nike Women's Half Marathon.

I only recently found out there were Bison (yes, Bison!) in the park a couple years ago. We got to jog past them during the Half, and I got a quick pic. But I really wanted to go check them out more.

So the three of us loaded up our bikes (well, Dad and I did the loading) and we hit the City.

It was chilly. A lot chillier than my last adventure on two wheels.
Hence the hoodie over the helmet.
A helmie?

Despite the chilly weather, the day was great for riding, as JFK Blvd was blocked off from cars, which made our swervy riding, and last minute turn arounds for photo ops much easier.

Like for the Conservatory of Flowers.

And for amazing views of Twin Peaks.

And an adorable hidden carousel. 

And then lunch. With these two goofs.
Sweet potato fries all around. 

And then the sun did its best to peek out a bit.
A few blue skies here and there.

And meeting my one request, a bison sighting.

And from here, things went a little bit downhill.
And by downhill, I mean I lost my dad and sister. They were a little bit ahead of me and I hit a fork in the road and couldn't tell which way they went.
(hint: downhill)
So I waited.
And SOS texted and called. And they came back and got me. 

And then we went on unpaved paths.
And I almost fell off my bike once.
But, I'm an almost falling off survivor.
And here to tell the tale.
And take more pictures. 
Of course.

We explored the Polo Fields.

And waterfalls.

And finally ICE CREAM.
From an Ice Cream truck.
That took 15 minutes to get.
And wasn't cheap.

And then ended up a top heavy sea salted chocolate dipped mess on the concrete.

But Dad and Laura shared.
Their toffee sundaes were way more delicious anyway
And we still ended the day with smiles.

And a few more gorgeous sights.

I am happy to have windchapped cheeks and another "backyard adventure" in San Francisco is in the books.
It was a great one.
(But really, when aren't they!)


  1. if this is what i was seeing of san fran than i too would be happy. pretty. except for the ice cream and the fall- sad.

    btw- i like you, and how you delight in your people and your life. that's my favorite thing about visiting this place.

  2. How fun!

    geobar giveaway over at my blog :)


  3. the ice cream??? noooooo. and i am laughing a the idea of you and your frantic texting on a bikeride ... you bet yur bootie i would have gone all retro and NOT brought my phone to be closer to nature and i would have ended up lost, sad and crying by the buffalo. wishing i was tech lover like you. :)

  4. What a blessing that you have such a fun fam!!! And that they cared about you enough to come back and get your sorry lost butt! lol. You're the only person I know who "celebrated" Pres. Day. Good on you. :0)

  5. awesome day!

    so the picture of the waterfall looks...not even real! for a minute i thought you were kidding:) i like your backyard adventuring!

  6. fun day! your ice cream sounds great. just great .

  7. thanks for confirming how awesome where we live is.
    well done, regular scheduled person.