Monday, February 18, 2013

It's a Dog's Life

This girl has it good. 

She has 4+ humans who dote on her 24/7.
One whose "full time job" is to take her on walks, to the doggy park, and many other adventures. 
(Hint, it's my dad)

She waits by the door everyday at noon, because most days that's when I'll show up and feed her some Shredded Wheat.

And once I'm there, she'll go back to sitting by the door hoping someone ELSE will come over too to feed play with her.

Her temperament is sweet and she puts up with a lot.
So, she does EARN her treats.

She has a best bud, a companion, a shadow, who doesn't like to eat, so she gets plenty of leftovers.

She's not much of a cuddler. 
But that doesn't stop me.

The front yard is her personal playground for romping around and enjoying the sunshine.

She runs the neighborhood.

And brings smiles to all those she meets.

Forget diamonds, she's my best friend.

{end crazy dog lady post here}


  1. i'm not an animal lover, BUT Mylie might be a game-changer. I think Mylie needs to come for a visit so I can sell the rest of the family on getting our own "Mylie" too!

  2. Love the heart glasses...that's a classic.

  3. I can't believe you got that photo with the candy on her nose. Brills! Scouty's not much of a cuddler either, which is annoying. I do it anyway.

    Lately, she follows CC around like nobody's business. We've renamed her Shadow. I wish sometimes I had her life too- she's spoiled rotten here; I can't try to deny it.