Thursday, January 17, 2013

Flu Tips, From Mom

And for the latest installment of Texts from My Mother...
Mom has been home from work for a few weeks from an injury, and recently caught a little bug.
So, her normal health advisories have been ramped up with FLU TIPS!
And also, dog updates. 
Nurse Band-Aid is in full effect with these.
And as she states, they are not just from my Licensed RN Mother, but also the CDC.

You're welcome.

Good news, she has a million more. 


  1. Didn't I hug you on Sunday or did you give me the "cold" shoulder hug? LOL I don't remember now. I worked in Sunday School but I have to know, did Dave make the announcement? This was such a great post. I'm laughing but not too hard because I have a sinus headache and everything hurts. Thanks for the bleach wipe reminder. Did you know I picked that up on Ellen's wish list at the back table.

  2. This has MADE MY DAY. I so love your mom's texts.

    I am off to bleach wipe everything I own.

  3. you're mom is hilarious. i am your mom. i make noah carry purell in his lunch bag, to clean his hands before and after lunch. i know he doesn't use it.

  4. i didn't take your mom's advice and now i have the flue. for real.

  5. also. in the past, flu has been spelled without an e at the end.

  6. The white to green ratio kind of kills me. I think you need to entertain her a little more. Off to wipe my surfaces...

  7. haha. tell your mom thanks for the smile.

  8. Let me know when you listen to that sermon and if you don't love it I will give you a refund. 100% money back.

  9. I die from laughing. She's amazing and I love her texts. Hoping she's 100% back to her normal flu-warning self! Love this. Just LOVE!