Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pintertest Kitchen: Baking Day 2012 Edition

Every year, right before Christmas, I turn on my oven.
Lock my front door.
And go into hibernation for one full day.
 And I bake my heart out.
All year long, I pin recipes in anticipation for my big baking day.
It quite possibly is my favorite day of the year.

 This year, I made one special exception, and allowed my sweet friend Cari to join me for a few hours.
We spent countless hours baking in my kitchen when she was back in high school, and she was home for a quick visit during the Holidays. 

 My lovely Pink Kitchen Aid shines her brightest on Baking Day.
She was made for this.

I gave my first go at making Madelines after being given a pan by my sister.
I used this recipe, and they turned out picture perfect.

And I made my most favorite cookies of all time, Spumoni Cookies, which I blogged about before here
They look amazing, and taste incredible.
I ADORE these cookies.

I have been dreaming about making Kaylee's Pumpkin Molasses Cookies for over a month.
They were a HUGE hit with my dad, who is a big molasses fan.

And these I have had pinned for a VERY long time.
They were divine.
And looked so pretty too.

I used to make Seven Layer Bars all the time out of my favorite cookbook,
Southern Living at Home.
They were long overdue.

And these Butterscotch Brownies were my personal fav.
I used real espresso instead of espresso powder, because I wasn't sure what it was.
Next time, I'd probably just omit it all together.
But the optional salted pecans - they will stay. 
They made this recipe shine.

And of course, Keri's Fudge, made a repeat appearance this year. 
Pure chocolate goodness right there.

These little boxes of goodies got passed out to a few local friends and family.
I love the color and variety in them.
Nothing like spreading Christmas Cheer in the form of sugar, butter, and chocolate.

This month I definitely BAKED IT.
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  1. GREAT.
    now I want sweets and my pants are getting tight.
    not good but it IS oh so good.

  2. Ohhhh...that looks like such a fun day! I love madelines and haven't had one in year. I need to go look at some of your recipes and pin them myself.

  3. Is that your kitchen? It's so cheerful I can't even stand it. I love Christmas baking...I went crazy this year!

  4. A few things :: I am super jealous (as usual) of the pink stuff. And I reallllllly want the spamoni cookies.

  5. Spamoni EFF TEE UU. Get it? Did I spell spamoni right? Thanks for linking up five years ago.