Thursday, January 10, 2013

10 on 10: January Twenty Thirteen

It's already 8pm, and I still have a lot I need to get done tonight.
So, let's get down to business, shall we?

Up before the sun.
Coffee & Quiet Time.
Best part of my day. By far.

Leaving for work.
Something about driving down this little part of my neighborhood lined with palm trees, catching a little sun flare.
Feels like old timey Los Angeles to me.

Try to keep my desk happy.
Line the partitions with cheer and encouragement.

Ever since January 1, my life has been yogurt, tea, soup, repeat.
I will tell you, it works.

I look forward to my lunch breaks with her.

I think I was spoiled growing up with this view.
San Mateo Bridge & Mount Diablo.

I also look forward to afternoon snacks.

Do you see the heart?

Day is done, gone the sun.

Came home to the happiest of mail.
From these two.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have tea to drink and work to do.

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PS did you catch that? Eleven photos.  Shh, don't tell.


  1. kim. those views are amazing. i got choked up.
    i think eleven on ten is what all the cool cats do.


  2. i love a girl who breaks the rules

  3. Nope, wouldn't have even noticed! Great day...Especially love your morning, stack! Such good stuff.

  4. i love the little peek into your day but i really, really LOVE the palm tree lined street + sunflare. i kinda wish i was there right now! happy friday!

  5. Great set!
    Sunflare and the view- love. And your lunch buddy, awwww, she's so sweet!

  6. early mornings are the your desk...that rhymed and i didn't even try:)

  7. Nice job letting us peek into your day. Love the sunflare on your way to work! You have an incredible view. Soak it all up. Happy weekend to you.

  8. So much to say, I love ALL your photos!!
    Your sky pics are the best.
    Your cubicle decorations make me happy.
    I need to know where you got that yogurt. YUM.
    Happy 11 on 10 ;)

    1. p.s. I can't believe you can see Mt. Diablo from San Mateo!!!! That is amazing!!!

  9. i can't see the heart :( i feel incompetent.

  10. I wish i liked yogurt, that does look good!

    coffee and quite time sounds lovely!!

  11. Loved your photos--especially those cards/prints on your desk (is that a Katie Daisy card I see?). :) And that sun flare you caught? Simply beautiful!

  12. I love this photos! you appreciate the same imagery I do... love it!

  13. Great set!
    I love your attention to the details!

    (from Brazil - but participating!)

  14. i remember it's the 10th at 10pm on the 10th. momnesia.

    john piper and tea do go well together.