Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Golden Adventure

Four and a half years ago, I got a little bee in my bonnet bike helmet, about riding across the Golden Gate Bridge. My parents are pretty good at entertaining my crazy ideas, and my dad especially if it involves bike riding. 
So, my mom, dad, and I biked from the Palace of Fine Arts, across the bridge, into Sausalito, took the ferry back to SF, and rode the Embarcadero, Fort Mason, Marina Green, and Crissy Field back.

That last post-ferry leg was into the wind, and nearly killed my mom and I.
It has taken me 4.5 more years to want to do it again. 

This time, I'm in way better shape, and I knew about that last leg.

So, I told my dad, that on MLK Day, we were going on an adventure. With zero hesitation, he agreed!

We headed up to the City, skies were blue, the air was starting to warm up, and bicycles and dogs were plentiful.

My dad even let me use one of those special pant leg wraps. It makes me way more legit.
And keeps my pants from getting holey.
Also, this time, my bike has a cushioned seat and a basket. 

We had to stop about every 50 feet for a new picture of the bridge.
Thank you for your cooperation, Pops.

I have had a decade long love affair with this bridge.
I went to college in the North Bay, and would drive across this bridge to go back and forth. 
I honestly think I had the best "college drive" of anyone I know.
(Sorry Highway 5-ers, I hope you enjoyed Harris Ranch).

The best part of riding across the bridge, is riding UNDER IT. 
It's kinda freaky if you stop to think about it. 
I just stop to take photos. 
And save the thinking for later.

I didn't know this when I was on this adventure, but each tower has a name. 
Please meet Beverly. 
She's the north tower.
(Her sister is Eleanor, the south tower)

While we were riding, a guy going the opposite direction yelled "YOU DROPPED SOMETHING".
So we pulled over, and I wasn't sure what.
My dad said another guy yelled to him "THERE ARE DOLPHINS OUT THERE".
So, maybe I misheard the first guy?
So we stood along the Pacific Side (when you walk you go on the east/Bay side, when you ride a bike you are on the west/Pacific side), and looked far and wide for dolphins.
There were a ton of Sea Lions floating, and playing. 
But no dolphins. 
I was kinda bummed.

 And, we made it across. 
I didn't even have to walk my bike once.
There is quite a hill to get up to the bridge.
And the bridge itself is an incline until you reach the middle.
And we were riding into the wind, so we couldn't even coast on the decline.

And we had lunch at the cutest little restaurant, Cibo, along the main drag in Sausalito.

 Followed by ice cream.
Because, when you go to Sausalito, it's the law that you have to get a scoop of ice cream.

And then we decided we should get in line for the ferry back.
It could be a while for the next one if we didn't get on.
Thankfully, we had no problem.
 And the views were spectacular.

And you cruise right by The Rock.
Which, is another of my favorite places.
Seriously. I love Alcatraz. 

I have never seen the Bay so calm.

And then we were back in my favorite city in the world.

We hopped on our bikes, and rode back to our start.
Along the Embarcadero, past all of the piers, Fisherman's Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, Fort Mason (I rode up the entire hill there too!), Marina Green, and Crissy Field. 

It was SO much fun.
I can't wait to do it again.
And I won't be waiting 4.5 more years either.


  1. I'm so jealous. This looks like an AWESOME day!

  2. What a fun day! I love that you did this with your dad! I love that you took so many pictures! I love the This is Kim, This is Laura picture. :) And I love that I've actually been right where you were riding!

  3. you are so cool.
    almost as cool as your dad.

  4. This looks so fun. And it's gorgeous. It's a totally different world from where I live! I got an instant brain freeze when I walked outside today.

  5. Love it! We did this on our holiday to San Francisco in August, I didn't think I'd be able to manage it before we went, but we had the best day! And you are right, ice cream in Sausalito is the best! We hired our bikes from Blazin Saddles, they were fab! We also went past Lucasfilm to take a picture of the Yoda Statue (it is just up from the marina off Baker Street, would be such a cool place to work, they even have a starbucks!)

    Fingers crossed I can go back one day!

  6. You have some serious courage for biking across that bridge! Well just biking in general, I'm a big fat scaredy-cat when it comes to bikes, and biking anywhere close to a car. And I love that the towers have names, you got some pretty awesome shots of the bridge!

  7. We rode across the golden gate bridge on the top deck of a tour bus in August. It was BRRR...FREEZING! No way I'd do it on a bike. Nooooo wayyyyy! You are Crazy and deserved 4 scoops of ice cream. Also, I came away from that trip hating San Fran. At the time I was thinking "Cuppakim would be so disappointed." San Fran isn't for families. Sausalito ice cream is for families. :-)

  8. oh, and your parents are awesome. i'm going to steal them and your granny.

  9. Like I said. Get of your couch girl.

  10. how sweet are you and your dad! I love that you got ice cream at the end :)

    great photos!

  11. Love the photos! I love the bridge (and the ferry ride), too. :)