Friday, November 16, 2012

You Know What is Amaze?

My friend Preston's Hip-Hop Album.
Confessions of a Nine Rhyme Project.
Check it out.
Spread the word.
(My favorite song is #2 All He Wrote)

My friend Betsy's Blog.
She is currently circling the globe.
She flew across the Pacific. She'll be returning via the Atlantic.
She emails me updates every couple of days, and I post them to her blog.

San Francisco's Fog.
It has its own twitter and Instagram accounts.
It's like a weather report and entertainment in one.

My girl Hannah is creating some new pieces for her shop.
Bracelets. And Necklaces.
Including these - which benefit Hope4Sudan.
Which, by the way, have you checked the blog lately?
There are some awesome pictures and stories from Phase 1 of the project.
Check it all out.

And lastly, I'm doing a really fun giveaway for one of my favorite shops on Monday.
I think you're gonna want to come back and check it out.
It's a good one. Enjoy your weekend, and I'll see you then!!!


  1. I'm loving Hannah's new stuff.

    Woot woot giveaway!

  2. if the giveaway is what i think it is, i'm freaking excited.

  3. that's so funny, because MY friend preston has a really good rap album TOO. so ironic.

  4. give away are my favorite two words to read on a blog.

    present is my fave hip hop artist ever. seriously, people, get it.