Tuesday, November 20, 2012


So, for my next installment of my 2012 European Adventures, is my day in Florence FIRENZE!
Sadly, it was not my favorite day, and I don't really have many nice words to say.
(I might have cried. Hard. Sobbed. In front of David. Like THE David. In the Accademia di Belle Arti Firenze. It might have been the beginning of a panic attack. I might have dropped my favorite cheap watch and shattered the glass. I might have gotten yelled at by our aggressive Italian tour guide. I might have almost lost my tour group at the Ponte Vechhio. I might have wanted the vegetarian caprese salad at lunch instead of lasagna and a hunk of beef. I might have regretted not purchasing a beautiful leather purse from a street vendor. It might have been my birthday.)

Anyway, in lieu of any more of my words, I'd rather let the pictures speak for themselves.
Because despite my own Florence Issues, it is a beautiful city, with a crazy amount of history, and David statues (I saw 3) and incredible art, architecture, and culture, and I feel so fortunate that I got to walk those streets, see those sights, and eat their food.

I have been to Florence. Flo, if you will.

Not everyone can say that. So I know in the big picture, it was a wonderful day with Flo.
Also, I had the best cannoli of my life that day. So.

Europe 2012:
Day 1: Barcelona, Spain
Day 2: Aix en Provence, France


  1. Good morning, Mr. David.
    So nice to see you.

  2. listen. your photography skills just keep impressing me.
    also, i feel like there's such a thing as too much david.

    i love you, to the moon and back! grateful for you, happiest thanksgiving xoxox

  3. beautiful photos! i want to eat some of those treats. YUM!

  4. i love this all over again.