Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday Haps! {Soooo many pictures. Maybe too many.}

So, I took a ton of pictures on Thanksgiving with the big girl camera. 
But I just haven't had time to go through them.
Also, they are mostly of food prep - so I'm going to save that for next week's PinterTest Kitchen (are you gonna link up)?

But for now, my iPhone is FULL of pics from the past week - which was a bit more eventful than I had anticipated....

Wednesday morning started out normal. 
I had my coffee.
In my Turkey mug.
Which I thought was appropriate for the day before Thanksgiving.
I also thought I was funny.

And, my poor little sister had been experiencing a pretty rough allergic reaction to a cup of tea. (I know, right?). And was starting to feel the tiniest bit better. And was icing her legs with frozen cranberries.

 Um, and then things went south, fast.
The hives came back with avengence. So sis and mom took off to the ER, ASAP.
I headed back to work, finished up a few things as fast as I could, and then headed over there myself.
By the time I had arrived, somebody had been given Epinephrine and was on a super adrenaline rush, but also completely hive free. 

 And my mom kept getting mad at me for snooping around the hospital room. 
But, whatevs.

 This is definitely a problem for me. 
And Laura.
And all her 1,000 guests.

And, while my sister got admitted, my mom took me a on a tour.
Or, paraded me around her unit like a cute little show pony. 
And also, showed me her locker. 
I'm so proud.

So, while my sister got released on Thanksgiving Morning, I headed over to my Alma Mater for a little Turkey Day Throw Down.

And then, it was go time.
Dad was making the Turkey and stuffing.
Mom was making mashed potatoes.
And I was all over the rest!
Thankfully, I had a ruffle apron & a cute kitchen helper.
 While the sweet potatoes baked (forevvvvvvvvvver) I got to work on the boozy berries.
Which smelled delish. SO delish.

Once she got paroled, little sister joined us. 
And someone was SO SO happy she was home.

Dad was working on his stuffing and I was working on some desserts.
I don't think he was happy to share the 3 feet of counter space where everything needs to be done.

But my cheesecake came out BEAUTIFUL.
(more on that next week)

Family arrived, and I put my feet up for about 30 seconds. 

 And then the buzzer for my last dish went off.
And it was awesome, because I burned my thumb pulling this out of the oven.

I was so mad at my self. BOO.
And spent the rest of the night like this...

 While dad carved and served the turkey.
And Mylie had ground patrol covered.

And we ate, and ate, and ate, and ate. 
It was so delish.
And you know, family, so sometimes things get a little crazy. 
So Mylie and I took a few little pictures to pass some of the awkward moments.

And then we went home.
We were SO TIRED.

 Tired enough to snuggle.
Which almost never happens.
Except after the longest, most tiring days of scavenging kitchen floors.
Also, I tried THIS for my mega-thumb burn. 
And, after sitting through the pain for 10 minutes, it was a true Thanksgiving miracle.
No more thumb in ice water. No more excruciating burn feeling.
Praise the Shepherd.

My mom, sister and I have been doing Black Friday adventures in the City over the last decade or two.
Last year, because my mom had to work - we moved our tradition to Saturday.
It was infinitely more enjoyable that way, and so we decided to continue it this year as well!
Mylie and I scoped out the neighborhood tree lot.
So many good smells there.
For humans and dogs alike.

It also meant, I had a little free time to see the bestie and her baby bump one last time before her little bun arrives.
Caf for me & Decaf for the pregster.

And then, I headed back to my parents' to surprise my mom tell my mom I was going to decorate her tree for her.
This year, she had green ornaments.
Also, it's a pre-lit tree, and I think one of the strands of lights is dead.
I spent about 30 minutes trying to fix it before I gave up.
Dad tried too.
 And Mylie admired our handiwork.

And thankfully, by Saturday, Laura's energy was back.
And we were able to keep our tradition.
Including a stop at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.
Gingerbread Latte.

Admiring ornaments at Bloomingdales.
Also, I was soooo tempted to buy this ornament.
I might regret not getting it in a few weeks.

Losing track of mom in Old Navy.
Taking selfies in the security cam while we wait for her to emerge from the clearance racks.

Admiring the displays at Anthro.
I always love them, but this time it was extra fun for me.

Lunch at the Nordstrom Cafe.
Table with a view required.
 Sweet Potato Jalepeno Soup.
Delightfully delish.

 Taking on the rest of the mall, one floor at a time.

It was a LONG, FULL, and FUN day with mom and sis.
And the shopping continued a little longer, Sunday after church.
The cutest little shop in town only opens once a month.
But this month they opened twice, and might open a third time too!
I didn't buy the globes, but oh how I wanted too. $5/each was just too much.

Instead I treated myself to a cute vintage opal ring.

It's official.

It has gone from Thanksgiving to Christmas in just the blink of an eye!


  1. I love everything about this post (except for Laura's hives- tea? really?! crazy.). That is one HUGE mall. Insanity to tackle that Black Saturday. Your week looked amazing. And you are cute, always. :-)

  2. EEEEP! Your phone cover is amazeballs.

    Oh, and so are your photos. :)

  3. Love all of these fun adventures! And that California ornament is so amaze-balls, but it probably was super expensive and heavy! I had no idea that Come C was only open once a month, thats so sad!

  4. So glad your sister is better! Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving - so much yummy food. The Christmas tree lot where you are Mylie were walking is were I used to get my tree when I lived in your hood! :) Such a fun "Black Saturday" shopping adventure you guys had! :)

  5. Love all your photos...
    Faves are Mily looking back at the tree and your CA ornament! :)
    Great post friend!!

  6. too much to say about this post, so i'll sum up: FANTASTIC!

  7. Too many pics? Impossible. It's Thanksgiving weekend for goodness sakes. And I'm sure Laura is extra thankful you documented her hives.