Friday, November 2, 2012

Bands, Beans, Buddies, and Tacos.

Tuesday I played hooky from work.
I sat on my couch and had two cups of coffee.

 I unloaded my dishwasher.

I slowly got dressed for the day.

And then I met six awesome ladies at Starbucks for another coffee, and a roadtrip to Davis.

And then we were off!
Group Selfies with a 35mm fixed lens are hard.

Cindy hooked us up with some Pumpkin Brownies.
Because Roadtrips need treats.
Also, my viewfinder was out of focus for 75% of this adventure.
We rolled with it, hopefully you can too.

Road Trip Detour: Jelly Belly Factory.
Free Tours!!
I was the only one who hadn't been before!

We were REALLY excited about this.

Even the Jelly Belly Factory was in the Halloween Spirit.

The factory is all about free samples.
There were a plethora.
First one, Tobasco.
I opted out.

For good reason.
It was not a hit.

Additionally, there were a few Ronald Regan Jelly Belly Mosaics.
And shrines.
A few.
As in plural.
Did you know the Blueberry Jelly Belly was invented just for Ronnie? So he could have an R, W, & B mix on Air Force 1.
Well. Now you know.

And we got adorable hats!

We make these things look GOOD.

These two are goofy.

We weren't allowed to take pics on the tour (and I'm not mentioning any names, but there may have been a few shots inside).

And after the tour, we headed out for our pre-concert tradition, Panera!

More caffiene.

And an after lunch meet up with some adorable pups.

I mean, right?

And then SHOPPING.
 A two hour time limit, and we were OFF.

  After shopping, our meet up location was the TacoBell food court and lounge.
Our day of awesome got even better when Angel Pagan stole a base in the World Series, and got us free dinner!

Also, I bought Fergalicious shoes.
I know.
And this TacoBell lounge was an excellent way to recharge the phone.
Hooky Day drains the battery FAST.

See what I mean?
TacoBell Lounge.

 And then we were off to our last stop - UC Davis.
The campus has Double Decker British Buses.
And Red Telephone Booths.
I'm totally a fan.

And then it was concert time.
Unfortunately, Jelly Bellys are a threat to security, and the UCDavis campus safetey kids tried to confiscate.
It was very rude.
But we had a bag of Belly Flops sent to the band.

Needtobreathe is AMAZING.
They make the most incredible albums.
I like almost EVERY SINGLE SONG they have done.
And they are insane in person.

And by far, the best part of every show they do is when they go unplugged.
No amps.
No mics.
Just guitars and their voices.

 And when I say we are fans, we are FANS.
This was my 5th Needtobreathe show.
And last time, I was so jealous that Ashley, Laura, and Ang got to get a quick pic with Bo.
This time, we stuck around for a little bit afterwards, and were lucky enough to chat with both Bear and Seth.
And get pics with them, too.

Because, you know, pictures or it didn't happen.


  1. SO MUCH FUN!!

    Play hookie more often please. They are the best days ever.

  2. Best hooky day ever!
    I'm still in shock that we met them after the concert... INSANE!
    This day was a perfect 10!
    Love, love, love stalking, I mean going to concerts with y'all!

  3. What a fun day! Thank you Pagan for being awesome and stealing a base! :)

  4. What an awesome time with friends. I am so jealous. :) Especially of seeing Needtobreath. Incredible band!

  5. This should be titled...GREATEST DAY EVER!

    So so fun!

  6. Well that sounds like a wonderful day! I would like to come next time, okay? Although then I think it would be called vacation instead of hooky due to having to take a plane but whatever. I still want to come.

  7. this all sounds like so much fun. i love needtobreathe. but. i also love justin bieber. and his wings. and his overpriced cell phone covers. just saying. just saying.

  8. Reliving this day again...
    I know I already commented,
    but I need to tell you again how epic that day was!!! :)
    and... I'm procrastinating going into work to start report cards... I know, such a better choice to re-read blog posts, right?!

  9. Love everything about this day. It's a shame they weren't giving away burritos. That would have worked nicely for your title.

  10. you have the funnest life ever. i want to just spend the weekend in your purse going on adventures with you.

    does that sound creepy?

    i apologize.

    but seriously. i do.