Monday, November 5, 2012

Oh, October!

October was all things wonderful.

There was a weekend of fun with girlfriends. 
Hope Church turned 2.
And six people got baptized!
I celebrated my Thirty-First, again.
The Giants put the Orange in October.
And a Hooky Day of Epic Proportions!

November is here!


  1. what fun! october sounded perfect///hope nov is just as good!

  2. truly, a month of monumental proportions.

  3. So glad about your October. How can I make November?

  4. oh kim. i promise i'm not gonna say for nine millionth time that i wish i could do as much freaking awesome schtuff as you. I promise.
    #rallykim ftw

  5. October was good to us all!
    Thanks for the recap...
    love the idea of a large photo bombed collage... how did you pimp this post? (AKA I need an app referral!)