Monday, November 26, 2012

A Bun in the Oven - Baby Shower Deets.

The BFF had her baby shower last weekend in LA.
I made a QUICK (and I mean QUICK) trip down to SoCal to visit and celebrate her Bun in the Oven.

BFF Julie's husband is a graphic designer, and for their wedding made the CUTEST graphic of bride and groom Wii Characters in their likeness that were incorporated into various parts of their wedding.
I should have known that the cute bun in the oven design on the invitation was also designed by daddy-to-be.
It wasn't until the cake was brought out that I was enlightened to this extra special touch.

 Me & Mama-to-Be
 Baby Niece of the Mama-to-Be & Me.
 Two other friends from High School were there for Julie's special day too. 
My good friend Katie, who was on niece-patrol. Sweet gig if I do say so.
Look at her little hand, I think she really likes Katie.
 Melanie was a fellow bridesmaid in Julie's wedding, and we've been friends since Jr. High. 
It's always fun catching up at Julie's life events.

 The hostesses ran with the bun theme, and it was so cute!
There were pork buns and chicken buns.
And puff pastry bun rolls - with cinnamon, brown sugar, and BUTTER.
The parting favor were sweet custard filled Asian buns from a delicious bakery.

 Julie and Dave are so loved.
So is their little bun.
They were showered with so many wonderful gifts.
 So many fun games at the shower. 
Including name suggestions for the baby.
They have a last name that pairs awkwardly with a lot of names, which makes this game extra fun.
My personal favorite game was Baby Picasso.
The room was divided into two, and we had a blindfolded draw-off. 
 Julie judged, cutest baby drawing won.

And so many gifts. SO SO MANY. 
One of my favorites was the baby carrier. 
Mostly for the packaging. 

And finally, Cake Time!

A lovely day, hosted by some wonderful ladies who gave Julie such a warm welcome into mommy-hood. 
I am so excited for what her little family's future holds!!


  1. Ah! Sweet Julie is having a baby! Tell her I say congratulations and send my love. So great you got to be a part of her shower!

  2. so sweet what a great reason to celebrate!

  3. Aww, thanks for taking so many pictures! :) I'm so glad you came down for the shower!! :)