Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Oh heyyy!!

My friend Gabriella - a real life friend - from high school, youth group, and for a short while we were even neighbors (oh and I literally ran into her on Saturday!) - awarded me this cute little award! And it seems like something kinda fun to do when I don't have much else going on around here, so I'm writing this up ahead of time and am posting when things are kinda slow around this bloggity blog!

First off - I am supposed to share 7 things about myself, and then bestow the award on 15 people.
15 is kind of a lot, so um, bear with me.

Fun Facts:

1. I am a lefty. I consider myself a purebred lefty, as both my parents are lefties. My sister was born lefty, but rebelled....and I always thought I was the rebellious one.

Laura: Rebel Without a Cause

My Dad: A lefty, but also a rebel.

2. I worked at a chinese food restaurant for a day in college. Serving water. And sometimes I got to serve the tea too. I got paid probably fifteen bucks for the whole night. And a free dinner. It was totally worth it.
But they never asked me back. Best job I ever had.

3. Speaking of college - I did all of my GE's in a program with no grades and no tests. Just pass or fail. And a TON of reading. 30 books in my first semester reading. And a ton of essays as well. #crazy but I loved it. I studied for ONE test in all of college. ONE.

Here are me and some of my roomies and friends freshmen year - I decided to skip reading for the night and head to the Halloween party in the Student Union.  I don't have a CLUE what book I skipped (probably something overly political and heinously boring), but I have some funny memories of the roomies on the dance floor.

For the record, I am wearing my poodle skirt from my 5th grade halloween costume.

Also for the record, Jen and Emily are obvious but I have no clue what a few of the other girls are...(I know Morgan was scary it possible they all were scary spice?)
except for Domenica in the red - she was "Hecka Tight Heart Pant Girl" - that was the exact name of her costume. I believe she was HTHPG every Halloween thereafter.

Also, we were partying like it was 1999, because it was.

Halloween 1999

My No Study Zone Desk. All party, all the time.

4.  My very first dog was a Rottweiler named Boris. He was freaking awesome. One day when I have a house with a yard I'm gonna get another Rottie. The crazy german kind. Where you can say some crazy German word and it will kill who ever even looks at you. Actually, I kinda had a weird stalker one time and in my self-defense plan I had the following order of action: door chain, self defense class, Killer German Rottweiler, male roommate, handgun. Unfortunately, I couldn't even get the door chain installed - so I didn't get past step one.  You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. About all of that.

5. In all of the places I have gone and things I have done, my favorite vacation memory of all time was renting scooters in Canada with my best friend Julie, and taking them through the drive thru McDonalds at 10am for soft serve cones. Because what else do you do on a scooter in a random town in Canada?

Prince Rupert, BC

6. If I were to do this whole life plan over, I'd have gone to school to be a computer nerd. Or a courtroom reporter. Clocking in at up to 130wpm could have really paid off.

7. My first car was a 1990 Pontiac Grand Am. When I bought it the sales guy was like, "oh yeah, it has the new AC roll down two windows...and go 50"
Surviving three Indian Summers in wine country - complete with the "Sonoma Aroma" with no A/C should get me a medal.

10 points if you know where this picture was taken.

So thanks again Gab! And congrats on finishing the FULL Nike Marathon - you are my running hero of the day!

And I am awarding this award to everyone with a button on my sidebar under friends.
Yep, YOU.
Yeah, no I am totally talking about you.
Don't close that window just yet.
You have been awarded.

Gimme 7 fun facts (you can comment them or do your own post) AND GO.


  1. Love all you funny facts. Well, not the stalker part. Boo on that.

  2. I am loving the super happy pic of Laura up there. haha and that cannot be your dad! lol

  3. HAHAHAHA! These are the most random (versatile?) facts about anyone I've ever heard! Love it all!!!

  4. Picture is definitely in front of the Steiger's. Holler at the Village!!! Obvs one of the first 15 but not doing it. Have to vlog first.

  5. 7 Fun Facts...that's hard!
    1. First car: Toyota Celica when I went to college.
    2. I grew up on turkey farm.
    3. Talia is left handed, too.
    4. I used to travel the country in a singing group with my cousins. TRUE.
    5. Veggie pizza is my favorite pizza.
    6. I don't look like I have lips if I don't have lipstick on.
    7. I ate two chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.

    That was suppose to be factual. Sorry about it turning into a confessional.

  6. You make me laugh so hard! My two oldest are lefties. Actually my daughter is ambidextrous(?). Doesn't that mean she will be a rocket scientist or something? Fun facts are hard, haven't had my coffee yet. Love you!

  7. that's outside my parentals house!!!!!! 10pnts please :)

    ps, your dad is officially my favorite. is his hair really longer than mine???

    and laura, TOTALLY rebel without a cause. who do you think i learned it from?

    ps, really enjoyed this blog :)

  8. I love the old pics! I actually prefer the windows rolled down over an actual AC in the car. But then again, I have never lived anywhere that gets over 28 degrees celcius in summer...

  9. Your dad's hair is kinda epic and totally prettier than most women's hair.

    I also got sent one of these versatile blogger award things and kinda forgot to do a post oops.

  10. i was posh spice for halloweenie while i was on staff with campus crusade and wore this tiny little outfit to a halloween party. i'm mortified when i look back on the pics. i was a missionary.

  11. first, i am reminded that i won a give away for a blog button in JULY and never had it made!!!!
    i should do that now.

    my first car was more AWESOME than anyone's first, second, ever!
    you can see it here in a 7 things about me post from a few years ago.

    i love 65 ford falcons. i walk up to falcon owners and ask to get in their cars. i'm going to be part of the falcon club of america someday.

  12. 3. Ah 1999. I'll just say that I'm glad it's 2011!
    4. Your life is epic. You should write a book.
    5. How cute is julie?!