Monday, October 3, 2011

Get Ready for It: CuppaKim's First Vlog

Good Morning Blogger Peeps!
A few days ago I was tagged by April of A Little of This and That to do an accent vlog!
(Original Post with Prompts Here)

First time I have ever been tagged in anything in the bloggy world - and the first time ever doing a vlog on this here blog!

I have made guest appearance in two vlogs over on Victory Rd, but it's a whole new show up in this house!

Anyway, I give you a lot of props if you watch the whole thing - and more props if you do one yourself!

Specifically I'm tagging you Hannah, Susan, and Denise to do one - and hometown peeps, I want to see yours too (Ellen, Cindy, Jamie, Jess, Emily). DO IT.

*Hopefully this actually works when the post goes live.
**And I had to record in Sepia because my Photobooth kept crashing in color. #annoying.

Linking up with Mrs T, Natually who actually is hosting a "Blog Outside the Box" linky party, 
because the theme this week happens to be  vlogging! Perfect!


  1. You did a great job!! You should post this to my link up today!

  2. you did a great job... so funny!

    when the rain falls and the sun is shining... had no clue there was a specific name for that. hmm...

    can't wait to see your pintertest project!!

  3. oh, great. at least the prompt didn't mention mcdonald's or quit. those are hard for me apparently.
    my husband makes fun of me for so many of those words.
    i wouldn't be nearly as cute as you are! love the vlog!

    MAYBE i will so one;) xo

  4. This is so stinkin' fun!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

  5. i give you the award for best classic foreign film!

    first, because it was a vlog about accents. duh.
    second because it aired like a jackie chan movie where your words and sound didn't match up.
    finally because it was in sepia, giving it that classic appeal.

  6. loved this! loving Denise's comments too lol.

  7. I LLLOOOOVVVVEEEE THIS! I also love when you pointed where you'd put the links (either above or below...)

    Also, I need to get me some of that blogging water. :)

  8. Crack me up.
    And thank you for not tagging me.
    I don't think I can act natural on camera.

  9. Too funny! I loved your vlog, Kim! I'm scared for people to know how I say things. So wrong. My hubby teases me all the time about certain words. I will try to do this soon and keep you posted. Thanks for thinking of me!

  10. You are a rockstar. This was hilarious! Vlogging scares me...and I don't have a video camera right now (even the one on my phone is broken) so it's a good thing you didn't tag me. Then I'd really be in trouble.

  11. I think I'm the only person I know that calls the "remote control" the "changer"! I've done it my whole life...and people give me crap for it :) I guess I'll have to add that into my vlog!

    We should add the word "room" to the list. I think there would be a lot of variation on that one!

  12. Right on. I love kung fu theater, just like Denise.
    Loved it.

  13. I loved it!
    And clearly we are basically from the same place
    because I say everything the same as you.
    {aka: the right way.}


  14. So fun! You're a pro. Loved the sepia, too! Keep the vlogs coming! You inspired me....I may have to try it! Oh, and I stayed 'til the tail end, of course ~ loved it!

    P.S. I clicked the "show e-mail address" or whatever on my Blogger that what I was supposed to do? The hubby set it up for me ages ago so I had to do a little clicking around! If I was supposed to do something else, please let me know and I will try to get it corrected! ;-)

  15. if you wanna do vlogs more frequently, i suggest you use imovie. that way you can directly "share" or upload your video to youtube without a bajillion windows up. :D and if you need to edit your video, you can do so there.

    now to the more important part of the message:
    you are too cute. this vlog makes me miss you even more. i miss your love and your sassiness :) i love you. :)

  16. you are OUT. OF. CONTROL. and a daddy long legs is NOT a spider?? what planet are you on? it's one of the worst spiders in all the land. "a little bit crazy over there at happy days..." dying.

  17. Ahhh... Denise got to you, you little vlogger, you. ;) I love the outta sync style. :) Accents are fun... I wish I had a real one! :)

  18. Oh, I love to hear the voices of people I normally only read! Great, vlog, Kim! I have also seen this accent vlog in a few other places, but am a bit scared to do one myself. Especially what with being a non-native speaker!