Friday, October 28, 2011

InstaFriday: Quiet on the Blog, Loud on the Insta!

Happy Friday!
My favorite post of the week.
And basically, my second post of the week.
But I promise, I have a lot of fun stuff lined up next week (PinterTest Kitchen is THURSDAY, HOLLER).

While I was busy being quiet over on the bloggity blog, I was causing quite the ruckus on the InstaGram feed.

Consider this post my apology for my silence over here....
I make no apologize for the ruckus over there.

Friday, I flew out of NorCal for one of my 284,523 SoCal trips I have over the next few weeks.
Schnuttled to the airport by the happiest airport shuttle in town:

And despite my plane requiring unseasonal de-icing (um, WHAT?) and Betsy getting her 4th flat tire of the year, we were finally reunited at the John Wayne Airport!

What was I in town for? Another Bridal Shower for the lovely Cari.
(More to come on that soon!)
Obviously my brie was involved.

When I got back, I found my favorite terrible movie was smuggled into my suitcase by Betsy.
Holler at the 5 Dollar Bin.
And holler at friends who enable your terrible cinematic preferences.

The week was crazy.
My tea did not want to brew properly.
My recycle bin needs to be emptied.
But I'm too exhausted to think about it (so I just take pictures of it).
People put the weirdest crap on their cars.
And I may have gone to bed at 7:12 the night of the picture of me on my couch with my tea.

And a little encouragement from the Word was much needed this week.

Wednesday night we celebrated my mom's birthday. My sister and I took her, my grandma and my aunt to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It was my job to get them there.

Craziness ensued.
I think my sister and I will do it again.
Sans relatives.

Mylie is CRAZY.
And I may have over-insta-ed her this week.
Please just deal with it.

Anyway, anytime someone has a gift bag, she MUST, and I am talking compulsively HAS TO, put her ball IN the bag.
Then she looks up at you like "throw it, you idiot".
And if you don't throw it.
She whines.
And paws at the bag.

She has been known to put her ball in the dishwasher, toilet, trash can and artificial christmas tree box as well.
It's the weirdest dog habit ever.

We got our cheesecakes to go.
And had them while my mom opened her gifts (more on those in a sec).
Of course, somebody (I won't name any names) can't STAND when she is not the center of attention.
So her ball was placed in, on, and around every birthday object possible.
Do you see the expression?
Throw it, you idiot.

Members of my family are recipients of unique gifts.
I mean, who wouldn't want those snazzy sneakers.
(A STEAL at only $7)
And Seasonal Holiday Votive (assembly required!)

After the festivities, Mylie and I returned home, where she got to open her goodies from the bloggy giveaway she won.
Yeah, I know? Right!?! Doggy Bloggy Giveaway!!
Mylie says thank you Homie, this was the BEST DAY EVER!!!
How cute are the doggie candy corns?

Thursday I took a vacation day to continue celebrating my mom's birthday (more on that next week!)
So Mylie and I went on a quick run. Which was more of a drag out for her. And a hobble home for me.
The post half marathon knee is kinda jacked.

Followed by a quick trip to Michael's.

My sister finally, and I mean FINALLY hopped on the smartphone train and got herself an iPhone.
Introducing: Frosted Flecks.

Yes that is what my sister named her.
(Long story).

While we were out adventuring, Facebook was abuzz about movie being filmed in San Mateo. (Of Men and Mavericks starring Gerard Butler and Elisabeth Shue).  So when we were back in town, we went stalking.
Don't hate.
It's a gift.
No celeb sightings, but we did see one camera man packing up for the day at one location, while security and the other crews set up for some night filming at a local liquor store.

Oh...and then I went back for more. 
At 10pm on a work night.
And caught a glimpse of this super awesome yellow VW bus.
Shiny and new.
Flower power hippie stickers.
HMB Stickers.
And ran into my sister's wedding photographers.
And a friend from elementary school.
And I got my full stalkerazzi on.
Unfortunately, the only reason I was successful in snapping shots,
was they were done filming.
Which I found out after. 
Kind of less victorious feeling with that fact.

But they transformed San Mateo into a little bit of Santa Cruz.
At least for the night.

Stay classy, San Mateo.

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  1. you are funny. your family obviously LOOOVVVEEESS you!

    "stalkerazzi" love it. i would so join you. who doen't want to peek in on some butler and shue?

  2. Okay... question... how do you put the cute labels on your pics???

    oh, cute dog! And I love the game of putting the ball in the bag. They are so smart! :o)

    I'm not hating, I'd be camping out if I knew I could catcha glimpse of Gerard Butler!!

    My fave Psalm btw...

  3. Your family is awesome. I hope my girls have a friendship like you and your sis do.

    San Mateo is awesome too.

  4. Ok your week was so fun! Loved all the random things that happened :)

    Mylie does have weird ball throwing habits...her and Autumn should be friends.

    And your grandmother, I love her and I haven't even met her. Is she the culprit of those funny gifts your mom got? I remember all the funny dollar store things she got for you :)

    Also, glad you scoped the Gerard Butler scene...I wish you could have seen him! My friends dad used to work at Wes's liquors...that would have been fun to get a "back-stage" pass. That is...if there is a backstage at a liquor store!

  5. Laughing about the de-icing because we are supposed to get the 'S' word here this weekend!! What What???

    Now share about this Pinterest test kitchen thing...I must have missed something.

  6. haha - such fun photos! Thanks for sharing!

  7. sans relatives. doesn't @twitter read? someone might have a votive re-gift coming her way...

  8. Looks like you had a wonderful week! What pray tell is PinterTest kitchen - sounds intriguing! Love the blog!

  9. Stay classy San Mateo.
    Oh how I love Ron Burgundy.
    And how is it that Mylie can win a
    doggie bloggie giveaway and
    I have NO FREAKIN LUCK whatsoever.


  10. Yeay! So glad Mylie liked all her treats!

  11. I love the look Mylie gives... :) She's the cutest!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! What flavor of cheese cake did you try? YUM

  12. I loved that you used the word ruckus in this post. I very underused and misappreciated word! :) I'm going to see if I can use it as the word of the week. :)

  13. whew you've been busy!

    i love that mylie won a bloggy give away. the candy corn doggie cookie was cute.

    i love that you were stalking the movie scene... i totally would have done it.

    i am loving the bride to be's turquoise dress... love!