Friday, October 21, 2011

InstaFriday: From 4s to 13.1

My 4s arrived last Friday, and hopefully,the pictures around here are a bit more exciting.

Snow White is out, and Snow White 2 is in.
That is her in the cute panda case.

I also had to get some panda apps to go with it.
Obviously, right?

 I mean, every iPhone in a panda case needs an app that just has random pictures of pandas, right?
Oh, and they painted my teal front door red. Could be better. Could be worse. 

Just don't get me started on the orangey-red railings. 
They're just plain UGLY. 

Also, Snow White 2 was present for the homecoming of her iPhone siblings Betty (White) and Big (Black).

Uh, yeah, I ran wogged a half marathon on Sunday.
Yeah, I'm still talking about it.
I say if I'm still in pain from it, I can still talk about it.
And show you my swag.

Since I am no longer "not-training" for a half marathon and trying to get runs in before dark (and by not-training, I mean doing a half with three weeks notice), I had time to do some actual cooking the other night.

Followed by some baking.

Don't hate, I ran wogged a half marathon, REMEMBER?!?!

PS, I call these my crack brownies. They are kind of hard to find. And not be confused with cheesecake swirl brownies. Which are not as hard to find. I may or may not stock up and hoard boxes of these in the back of my kitchen cabinets.But if you touch them, I will kill you.
If you're really lucky I might make you a batch.
I said might.

Or, as I say, beast mode activated.
Either way, she is super cute.
And does a mean bat impression.

Hope knows how to party.

You got it Hayden. It'll be our little secret. 

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  1. Your posts always make me smile and I think that swag is enough to inspire anyone to run!!

  2. Oh my! Thankfully, my new iPhone was delivered by an awesomely nice UPS guy. Poor thing was exhausted though! He said it was his busiest day yet! (he's new)

    If I completed a half marathon, everyone I know would never hear the end of it!! Congrats!!! :o)

  3. I feel so behind in technology! I wait for the newest to come out so the one before drops in price! ha! I'm a proud new owner of the plain 'ole 4, but I'm happy to finally be able to take video on my phone. Now I need a fun case like yours!
    Happy happy Friday!

  4. how did i miss you running a half marathon???
    HOLLA FO' KIM!!!
    i want to do that so bad. i thought i wanted to do a full but uh that might be unreasonable. ha!
    i think i have talked my husband into doing it with me...cause you know i was born a twin and can't do anything alone LOL!

  5. any brownies left?

    also, love the panda. cute. like you.

  6. Congrats on the new phone and phone case. And oh yea, that run thing.

  7. i love your new iphone case. i might have a little siri envy :o0

    yeah on nike women's. i amtempted to throw my name in the lottery just for the tiffany necklace.

    baby her. love those cheeks.

  8. I really, REALLY hope Lauren reads this and recognizes Ashlyn's hat.

  9. Still waiting for my 4S.

    Love that shot of you in your header, btw.


  10. OKaaaaayyyyyyy.... I know I ordered my 4S before you and I still haven't gotten it. Whuddup wit dat??????

    PS Do you love it?

  11. You're amazing for doing the half marathon!and, yummmmmmmm on those brownies!