Thursday, October 13, 2011

InstaFriday: Peace Out 3GS Edition

Last InstaFriday on my 3GS, Snow White.
She isn't going down without a fight.
Completely shutting down at 60% battery.
Telling me my SMS texts are full.
Oh honey, it is time for you to retire.
AARP has sent your card.
iHop will let you buy off the Senior Menu.

Snow White seems to be choking on her poison Apple.

There is a new girl in town.
And she is riding in on a white knight brown UPS truck.

S-Dubb, it's been real.
You've been swell.
But after 2 and a half years and 4,999 pictures, you just aren't pulling your weight anymore.
And the new girl? She comes with her own personal assistant.

Snow White 2.0 I'm excited to meet you.
A fresh start, a clean slate.
I think we'll have a lot of fun together.
I have a lot of big stuff planned
You know self portraits with the self facing camera, flash photography, cute new cases.
I promise to take good care of you.
Just don't shatter your screen on me when I drop you 100 times, and we'll be just fine.

And here is Snow White's (the original) last InstaHurrah!!!

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  1. r.i.p. snow white

    welcome 2.0!!

  2. surrusly. I'm praying mine comes today. I even played the woman at AT&T the sound of my vibrate. She laughed at me. It's like a loud dying rooster/sheep. After 20 minutes on hold and a 10 minute conversation, she said she couldn't tell me anything because I didn't know the account # or username. And my dad's in the caribbean. so...I just have to cross my fingers and wait for the ups guy.

  3. I ordered mine yesterday,
    so I have a few weeks still to wait.
    But I'm so ready to say buh-bye to my 3GS.
    Mine didn't have a name, though.
    Maybe I need to name the new one?

    {btw...did you see that has iphone covers now? SO cute.}


  4. You named her Snow White? That is so cute! :) My husband and I named ours Arwen and Aragorn. :)