Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tea for One

If you follow me on Twitter, or I gave you a Christmas gift this year, it will be no secret to you that I am a huge fan of Cost Plus (or, as they keep trying to get me to call them, World Market).

Whenever I walk into their store, I am transported into a world of treats and wares from countries I will probably never visit.

I have been the very fortunate recipient of a lovely gift from World Market Cost Plus from my very favorite sister in the whole world. Despite doing most ALL of my Christmas shopping there, I never came across this lovely Tea for One set.

It's a good thing for her that I didn't, because I probably would have bought it for myself, and ruined Christmas. (I have a tendency to do that)

Anyway, it is quite possibly my favorite gift ever, and makes getting up early for work a little bit more enjoyable when I am pouring my morning cuppa in this set.

Thanks little beast. <3

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