Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 on 10

So, today, with a little encouragement from Jess, I participated in 10 on 10. Most of my day is spent behind a desk, so it may be a bit boring - but I tried to keep it a little spicy!

 A new top, means a quick OOTD (outfit of the day) pic sent over to Marge. Will I participate in What I Wore Wednesday? Only time will tell.


At work. Time to get some of it done. Boo. I very much dislike this pile.

A little coffee break. In my favorite Valentines Day mug. Except, I use it all year long. It's only seasonally appropriate now. But that's my favorite thing about Valentine's stuff - you can get away with it 365 days a year! Who doesn't like hearts?!?

Workplace essentials. Lip gloss, colorful sharpies, post-it labels, & tea mug. The banana and kettlecorn are for my afternoon snacks.


The real joy of my day is a quick visit to see my pup at my parent's house (and well, them too) on my lunch break. She sits with me like this while I eat. And then when I'm done, she doesn't really have much to do with me. We like to share apple slices.


Back to work. Tea and water refills. Snacks on deck.


My new favorite accessory. A pendant watch that was my grandmother's. I just discovered that it actually works! Isn't it gorgeous?


Right outside my desk. In the winter time these trees fill up with these giant, and super noisy birds. Crows? Ravens? All I know is that I can hear them squawking all afternoon. They also like to peck on the walls and windows of the building. Its totally creepy and right out of a Hitchcock movie.


Andrea brings a Valentine's treat to my desk - peanut M&M's. I am thanking the twins in her belly for that idea! :)

And back home where I started. My new favorite meal - homemade pizza. Even better was the fact that I made it last night, so the hard work was done. All I had to do was reheat. YUM.

There you have it. Hopefully you haven't fallen asleep at your computer yet, but if you did, I won't blame you!


  1. great set, yummy homemade pizza sounds good! thanks so much for participating I loved peeking at your day!

  2. I love your (time) something. I'm learning not to get too hung up on the exact time as well - it makes this process much more enjoyable. Such a beautiful watch - what a treasured find. Wear it with love.

  3. i loved the journey through your day!! and your mug :) how nice of those babies to bring you peanut m&ms!!! my favorite :)

  4. Thanks ladies!!! :)

    Rebekah - thanks for hosting! And yes, the pizza is SO good. I have half the dough left to make another one this weekend. YUM!

    Karina - Yes, it was the first time I did this - but afterward, I realized you only have to take 10 pictures through the day - not necessarily one each hour? Right? Oh well, it kept it exciting!

    Dawn - Thanks! I LOVE my mug too! I love that its one of the big kinds! And yes, those babies are fantastic, and they aren't even born yet!! :)

  5. Didn't fall asleep, love the bird shot!

  6. Kimberly - me too! those pregger bellies get me everytime :)