Monday, February 21, 2011

Queen of Hearts

My sister brought back gifts from me from her vacation to Chicago, they are the latest additions to my addiction:


I love it all.
Thanks little beast. <3

That last pic is my Sweet Shot for Sweet Shot Tuesday :)
Sweet Shot Day


  1. I'm going to steal that cup. Thanks for nothing little beast.

  2. Very cute cup and lovely photos!

  3. Oh my, how neat. I'm a tea lover too. I want that cup♥

  4. Love the cup and love the way to set up your last shot. This is exactly what I love about SST... getting to see all of the great ideas:)

  5. JJ - Instead of stealing, I think you should donate that super cute one of your great-grandmother's to my collection....whaddyasay?

    Deb - Thank you! :)

    Susan - Tea is even more delicious in an adorable cup!

    Heather - Thanks, it took a million different tries, but I love it too!