Friday, February 25, 2011

Brownie Covered Oreos - Oreos + Girl Scout Cookies = YUM

What do you get when you cross THIS RECIPE with these:

I will show you:

A couple weeks ago, the brownie covered oreo recipe was making the rounds on twitter, and blogs. I emailed it to myself and planned to make. Then, Jessica blessed our church by baking and bringing them one Sunday. 

At about that same time, rumors of Girl Scouts peddling their treats were swirling around town.
And, then a million twenty dollar idea hit me!

Last weekend, I was recovering from the death plague, and despite hitting up a few grocery stores, never crossed paths with the girls in green.

So tonight after work, I stalked tracked down the cookie pushers, and stocked up and got to baking.

And for the record, I used color coordinated sprinkles (matched to the boxes) to know which treat contained which cookie. 

I haven't tried them all (yet), but I love me some Samoas.

You're Welcome,
A former member of Troop #148


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my thrifty hurricanes! I hope you didn't do too much damage at Dollar Tree today. :)

    Ditto. ♥ Samoas!

  2. these look AMAZING. Have i ever told you how much i love care packages (hint hint)?
    and you in the girl scouts = wish i could've seen your girl scout cookie sales pitches. i bet they would've been epic.

  3. That picture is awesome. Your mom's glasses are insane. You should dip those puppies in brownie batter and bake them at 450 degrees FOREVER. Save me Samoas.

  4. Chelsea - Thanks for stopping by here as well! Hurricanes are drying and hopefully I'll post about them soon!! Yum, Samoas.

    Betsy - These are off to Cari & Jordan - but how about I get you a package in the mail ASAP? Sounds like a plan to me ;)

    Jess - The sad thing about my mom's glasses is you think they would be more stylish now than in 1992. Unfortunately they get more hideous every year. #downgrade