Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Orange You Glad It's My Birthday?

I am fortunate to work with a group of fabulous peeps who love to celebrate birthday - with cake. Or CUPCAKES.

A few of us rotate making or bringing the treats. Tradition states that one or two of us will whisper (or IM) the plan of setting up the celebrations in the kitchen, while another passes out the party hats. (Yes, we wear party hats.)Usually the Happy Birthday sign is hung at your desk so when you show up to work on the day of your celebration things are festive. Well, as festive as can be in an office.

This year, my coworkers did not disappoint. Cake duty was assigned. Party hats were passed. And of course, Happy Birthday was sung.

I work with someone who could go head to head with Martha (yes, as in Stewart), and win. She has made many-a-Martha recipe for these celebrations. Her cupcakes always take the cake!

Using her near professional skills, she made an Orange Poppyseed Cupcake, sans the poppyseeds (now I can pass that drug test, phew!). A cupcake made from scratch, with real Odwalla Orange Juice in the recipe. A lightly whipped cream cheese frosting, zested with real orange peel.

Can you say yum?

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