Monday, August 23, 2010

A Cuppa & The Word

Every other Monday my intercom system calls my house and moments later some of the lovely ladies who are committed to the planting of Hope Church of San Mateo flood my apartment. Usually a few come with their dinners in tow. We sit around my living room, and dive into God's precious Word, specifically the book of Acts (appropriate for a Church Plant, no?)

The first few weeks I provided them with some of my favorite teas. It is the perfect excuse to pull out my tea tray, teapot, and teacups.

This last Monday, the ever hospitable EMJ bestowed our group with the gift of tea! One of the perks of her employment at Starbucks is her access to some of my favorite teas. She brought to us a tin of Vanilla Rooibos!

I got the water boiling, steeped a few teabags, and next thing we knew we were enjoying a great Cuppa while studying His Word.

To make things even sweeter, Ellen had just returned from a trip to Oregon, bringing back some cheek puckering Lemon Tea Cookies and Chocolate Cranberry Truffles. Delish!

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