Monday, August 23, 2010

Birth-Tea Girl!!

It is probably a good sign that my friends know me very well when all of the gifts I receive are ALL tea related.

Despite my specific instructions of NO GIFTS, my dear, and long time friend Ellen delivered a sweet gift to me at Bible Study:
My absolute favorite tea - Tazo Orange Blossom (from Starbucks). And a super cute pink flower hair clip (LOVE!). The card is adorable as well. I love me some Oreos (do they make Oreo tea?). Interestingly enough, about 15 minutes before I opened this gift, I was complaining to EMJ how I can never seem to find the Orange Blossom Tea on the shelves at Starbucks. Welp, problem solved.

Secondly, my lovely, and beautiful sister treated me to a weekend away from this cold, cold San Francisco summer to the warm, ok HOT Arizona heat. We had a fantastic time soaking up the shade, enjoying the (a little bit too warm) pools, and catching up on our reading. In addition to the lovely time away, she also gifted me with a dinner out, AND the a gift card to Teavana along with the cutest looseleaf tea container EVER! (Which apparently, according to the Teavana experts is a MUST HAVE - metal. No glass. No plastic.)

Thankfully, now that I am properly equipped, my contraband glass containers will be put to shame.

And finally, the lovely Jessica, known for her generosity and thoughtfulness also broke the no-gifts rule (seriously people, FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS) and gave me Way. Too. Much. First off, she gave me the cutest little Asian style Teapot, complete with a little Warming Stand where you place...get this....a TEA LIGHT. It also comes with two matching tea cups. Adorable.

And of course, she went overboard and also included a tin of my favorite Orange Blossom Tea (yeah, I guess I talk about it a lot), and a Starbucks gift card.

Now I'm totally set - with a tea set. :)

Thanks Ladies! You all make me laugh. All of this tea warms my heart - and hands.

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