Monday, August 23, 2010

The Double Play

There isn't much of a better combo than a sweet-treat and a warm bev-mo.

A week and a half ago Margaret, Angela, and I met up with Betsy and her PCC friends for an Open Mic Nite in Redwood City. As much as I can't resist cupcakes, I have a harder time resisting microphones.

It's a disease.

Anyway, we met up at La Tartine, where I had been kindly informed by a coworker of their delightful pastries.

I also negotiated being treated to a treat as compensation for my attendance at said event. It worked out well.

After perusing the shiny glass case of delicacies and chalkboard drink menu I decided on a decaf Cafe au Lait and a Boston Cream Cupcake.

Its like coffee and cake were designed to go together (isn't that why they have coffee-cake?).

I'm a sucker for coffee served in a clear pedestal glass. I think when it looks pretty it just tastes better. Don't you?

I was slightly disappointed that the coffee didn't have a swirly design on top (as I had been told it would) - but it tasted good anyway.

The cupcake was ok. It definitely was pretty on the outside. It was a very traditional Boston Cream Pie style cupcake - a more dry, biscuit like cake, custard filling, and fudgy icing. I think my favorite part was the super cute, super tiny, dessert fork that it was served with.

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