Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Three Day Weekend: So Much Going on Here.

Another weekend has come and gone.
Well, technically, as I'm writing this it's still here.

My tired body and sleepy eyes are telling the tale of a weekend full of fun, friends, family, and activities.

Saturday was great.
I woke up, and felt full of cheer.
I just heard God reminding me of his faithfulness.
That I don't have to worry about tomorrow.
It's nice when that happens.
The reminding part.
The faithfulness always happens. I just don't always see it.

I spent a few hours with these girls.
We may have fallen asleep.
Until one of them started barking for no reason.
I won't name names, but it rhymes with Smiley.

I stole a few of my parents' lemons.
Their tree is just drooping with over ripe dark yellow lemons.

I headed home and got a little baking in.
Family recipe. More on that later.

And then {WARNING FOOD PIC COMING} I met my sister and brother in law for dinner.
our favorite taqueria in town. You can see her house from where I'm sitting.
The super taco.
It ruins me.
It's the grilled onions.

Sunday AM I churched it up.
And the dreary morning turned sunny.
So I hit the streets.
I'm on my 3rd season of C25K. 
I don't talk about it much because I'm a quitter.
But on Sunday, I got farther than I ever have.
I ran 20 minutes straight. Not anything to write home about, but a record for me.
I'm not a runner.
I have two weeks left to complete.
Maybe I'll actually do it this time.

Then there was a nap.
A two hour. Guilt free. Glorious nap.

And then Monday, we got a bonus day.
So I arranged another little Cyclefest for my sister, dad and I.
But first we had to stop at the ATM.
And my sister was called in for back up.
Who knew ATM's were so complicated.

I was squished in the back seat with a lot of wheels.


When we got to our starting point, it was no sooner than a minute there, and my dad's friends were already flocking to us.
Can't take him anywhere.

We made a quick stop at the Pulgas Water Temple for a photo opp.

And dad told us a little bit about his glory days being a rebel kid.

And we cycled, and cycled, and cycled til my quads couldn't cycle any more.
We ate lunch. Turned around and cycled back.
In the rain.
Thankfully it let up a little bit.

And there were some beautiful views.

And then, we came home to some dogs who missed us very much.
Including this green faced monster.
Pictures don't do it justice. She has neon green stuff all over her face.
We're thinking she got into the unripe tomatoes again.
She seems to think they are toys that are growing on trees.

And my favorite part of the 3-day weekend?
The four day work week that follows! :)

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  1. this is a really fun weekend! i would like to go to that mexican place sometime.

    also miles was really excited to say hi to mylie on here. he also said, "mylie, like miles but mylie."

  2. Way to go on the C25K! I hate running. Like loathe it. So I applaud you! And dude. Two weeks left? You can totally do it!

  3. looks like a fit weekend!! love it! and you can do the run, its such a mental thing!

    Keep up the great work!!


  4. looks like a fun + active weekend! i love the puppy's face. so smug... and/or content.

  5. 1. free lemons are AH-MAZING. You can send some to me if you just happen to be at the post office with a bag of extra lemons.

    2. the last time I was at the water temple was on a date with Samer... wow, just wow.

    3. girl, you can totes do C25K, if you want, I wish we lived closer, we could be running partners.

    Have a GREAT 4-day week.

  6. Wow... what a great log of your weekend, this is something you'll recall, and remember as something very special. Love the pics of the pups... silly pups...

  7. "The faithfulness always happens. I just don't always see it."

    Such a good reminder, thank you! :)

    You are your dad cycling is pretty cute! :)

  8. I'm jealous of that lemon tree.
    Awesome job on running twenty minutes!!

  9. i love this post somethin fierce.
    love that you got three days off to enjoy God's goodness in so many different ways.

    TWENTY MINUTES!?!??! you're my hero.