Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Insta's that Didn't Gram

Sometimes I post pics on the 'gram, change my mind, and then delete them real fast.
{I have issues.}

Sometimes I edit them, and get ready to post, and for whatever reason, change my mind.

Sometimes I have two or three that I want to post, but hold back from over posting.

A lot of times they are pictures of Mylie.
I mean, I already post a zillion. Imagine if I didn't restrain myself.

Downtown got Yarnbombed.
It's pretty awesome. And intentional.
A little promo for the city, and beautifying while they are at it.
A week ago, I was meeting some friends for dinner and saw a mailbox with monster feet.
A few days later I saw this article. Pretty awesome.

The San Francisco fog has a mind of it's own.
And a twitter of it's own.
It creeps like none other.
Here it is, literally rolling in over my head as I headed out for a run.
By the time I got back it was gray and dreary all around.

I mean, cutest. Right?

I like her.
In case you couldn't tell.

I heart The City.
I am pretty sure there is magic in every particle of the air.

Anyway, just a glimpse into a few recent things that didn't really make it on their own.

Side note, this is the post that almost didn't post.
Sometimes blogger kills me.


  1. So glad to know I'm not alone. I always have a moment of doubtful insecurity when instagramming that sometimes, okay way too often, results in a delete-super-quick-hope-nobody-saw-that.

  2. pretty city. pretty gal. pretty dog. and what is yarn bombing?

  3. i want to see the yarn bombs!!!

  4. This sounds familiar. I am constantly retracting. Also, you are gorgeous and Mylie is super cute. It's not possible to overpost pics of either of you. Just sayin'.

  5. speaking of blogger killing me, i can't comment on the turkey post?

    anyway. maybe this will work.
    the fog pic is cool. i think you should gram it.

    1. it worked! so glad, because my comment was obviously very important.

  6. There are so many great things to photograph in San Fran... I would have a hard time restraining myself. :)

  7. please enter that pic of mylie in a contest. preferably in the county fair so i can mooch free tickets.