Monday, May 6, 2013

Mayday, Mayday: May has Begun

May is here.
At the time of this writing, we are only 5 days in.
And I'm already exhausted.

A 3 hour nap after church was for sure on the menu.
But I'm pretty sure I could have used a full 8.
Plus a good night's sleep.

It's been hot here.
I think that is the problem.
It makes me want to adventure.
And enjoy it.

And complain about sweating, a lot.
And that takes quite a bit of energy.

Here's what I've been up to...

Installing a replacement screen for my sliding door because of said heat.
It only took me three years since the last one broke.

Wogs through my neighborhood.
Smells like BBQ, Mexican food, spring flowers, and maple syrup.
Not sure about that last one.

Enjoying the sun going down over my back deck.
With flowers that match the sunlight.

Lunch time greetings by an uncertain bichon.
Yellow door and red brick makes me happy.

Sharing cool ranch Doritos under the lemon tree.
How happy are those hydrangeas?

Old friends who come to town.
And new friends, who like to hang out.
We ate Mediterranean food, and talked all things Med Sea.

 Interrupting these two's morning nap.
Pardon, moi.

Badass bike rides.
Chain grease everywhere.

One dollar cotton candy.
Yes, please.
Even though it's blue.

SF Giants biggest fans
Rolling in the orange and black.

I should have known when we took this great picture we were in for a great night.
Really, really great.

Like getting to see the trophies up close & personal.
They wouldn't let me touch it, rude.

But we did get a picture with BOTH.
Also, aren't my friends gorgeous?

Meeting blog friend's  (turned IRL friend) sister (turned IRL friend as well).
Like a crazy fan girl.
And looking like an ad for Comcast.

And, speaking of fan girl, lurking Amy G.
Although fan girl might be too strong of a word. 

And praise the Lord, the fog has rolled back in. Here's to some cooler, calmer days. :)


  1. Pretty pictures. My fave is the one with the cotton candy. It is super hot on my side of the world too, by around 1pm-4pm every afternoon the temperature goes way up to 94 degrees Fahrenheit and by night time it is anywhere between 85-90 degrees. All this heat is giving me a headache and makes me super unproductive (I have a homebased job, which is definitely not good when the weather is soooo hot, it makes me feel lazy).

  2. You captured some beautiful light in your photos! Something is wrong with my internal thermostat, so I am always getting fevers and chills... the last few days, I couldn't tell if it was the weather or me! Turned out to be both! Glad you got some adventures in!

    We are going to be up north this summer... gotta see about seeing a Giants game (but I am a Dodgers fan because I grew up in LA... don't hate!) :)

  3. Oh those dogs. I just want to pet them!

  4. I feel you about the screen repair-- that was us last weekend, too. I wish I could say anything other than how jealous I am of those Giants pictures. So much fun!

  5. i feel super compelled to carry a broom around bako due to the sweep.
    but i'd probably get shot. so.

    anyway. i hope i see you in may.

  6. I've been loving the heat! But it does make me want to just LAY AROUND. :) Hope the cooler weather came and brought some rest.

  7. thank you, now i don't feel so bad about being screenless on our sliding door for 1.5 years (we really should take care of that).

    i hate being cold so i love the heat. it is currently 70 and overcast at my casa and i am chilled.

  8. What a great series of pics! I'd give anything for heat. Can't wait to see your 10 on 10 coming soon.