Friday, May 10, 2013

10 on 10: Ten Ordinary Moments on a Friday

10 ordinary moments
In one ordinary day.

Ten moments picked from one very long day.
A Friday.
Better than a Thursday.
Not quite as good as a Saturday.

Not exactly over 10 hours.
More like 18.
Buckle up, here we go...

Waking up and shredding.

And then really waking up, and praying. 

The week's remnants.

These shoes are Fergalicious. For reals. That's their brand. 

This girl. She had a rough week. I take her out on the front porch so we can sit under the lemon tree and relax.

Cupcaking. Sipping on a DC. And trudging through piles and piles of work stuff. 

 Finally, the weekend has arrived, and its time to downsize from purse to clutch.

I mean, this wall was begging to be a 10 on 10 backdrop.

Bread basket.  Garlic butter. Yep.

And ending the evening under these lights.

Ten ordinary moments, turned extraordinary.
Happy Friday, friends.

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  1. that last one: worth the wait.

    i want more cheese balls. now.

  2. The poppy wall. I have nothing more to say.

  3. stopping by from ten on ten... way to go on the shredding! and I agree... that wall is totally photo worthy!!! thanks for sharing your every day moments with us...

  4. i feel like the shredding and the bread and butter go really well together. cute shoes.

  5. the last one os the perfect picture to end a Friday post i think!! if the weather was nicer here last night that's just what I would have been doing! i love your shoes, super cute. hope you have a great weekend!!

  6. so much better than a thursday.

    i miss shredding (can't), or rather i miss the results of shredding.
    "if 400lb men can do jumping jacks so can you!"

  7. This series is wonderful - so creative, and beautiful. Way to go on the wall photo!

  8. Like the curls - and I am going to find and purchase those shoes!

  9. really sad the brioche balls didn't make it up here.....

    probably because we ate them before we had the chance to photograph.

    i want brioche balls. now.