Monday, June 10, 2013

10 on 10: June 2013 - Monday Funday Edition

Ohhh. Mondays.
This was a typical one. 
And let's put it this way, it starts with coffee, and ends with wine.

Choices, choices.

Completely obsessed with Mango Fruit Punch iced tea. OBSESSED.

Gorgeous sky this morning (out the sunroof) as I left for work.

Closed the sunroof. And then the skies opened up. For about 3 minutes.

Lunchtime errands downtown. 

One of the perks of the job, awesome notes of encouragement.

The USPS. God bless it.

A belated birthday iHop dinner with Grams.

Picked up my skeptical co-pilot. Normally she rides on the ground. She weighs just enough that if she moves, she sets off the airbag alarm. 

Gorgeous skies tonight. 

Ending the day with my favorite wine. Friends. Chocolate Chips. Blogging. Planning. Mylie.

The next 10 on 10 I'll be posting from the Island of Maui. T-Minus 30 days. 
I. Can't. Wait.

See you then!
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    mostly the nra and wine bits, though.

  2. I need to know more about that mango ice tea thing. It sounds DELICIOUS. Right up there with Lucky Charms.

  3. love your cute house.
    i would like to go to ihop with you and gram.

    take me to hawaii with you. p l e a s e.

  4. I adored your set! Cute mugs (I like choices, too) and PRAISE Him, indeed! Your pup is cute and the skies were pretty. I'm so happy you let me peek through your day. Happy Monday- well Tuesday now!

  5. my grandma is one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world, so it makes me so happy to see people out enjoying time with their own grandmas! please share about the tea. and finally, i'm jealous of the wine. looks like a good monday to mee!

  6. Love the photos. Love you co-pilot! Wonderful cloud shots... I love clouds too.

  7. your house is cute.
    your TV is huge.
    the wine should have been peach, i guess.
    but there's always time for that in july. ;)