Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Pintertest Kitchen for Skinny Dippers

Oh yes.
You read that right.
This month's Pintertest Kitchen is in fact, a Skinny Dip.

Originally found here.

Three ingredients. Zero baking.

Two Cups Light Cool Whip
Two Cups Nonfat Plain Yogurt (not greek)
One Box Brownie Mix

Combine, and mix.

Also, the mixing part was definitely the hardest. My large pyrex bowl was put to the test, as brownie mix puffed over the sides.

Thankfully, it all blended together well, and even better it tastes really good.

Original recipe recommends Nilla Wafers, Teddy Grahams, and Graham Crackers, I'm going to throw it out there and suggest strawberries too.
Trust me on this one.
Skinny chocolate dipped strawberries.
To. Die. For.

And like the original poster said, eating this dip won't make you skinny, it's just a skinny version of those not-so-skinny dips. I love that you don't feel like you just ate a block of cream cheese. And as tough as it may be, keep all things in moderation.

Except chocolate chips....go crazy with those.
Just kidding.
Restrain yourself.

And maybe if you do, you'll end up actually skinny dipping this summer.
Not that I'd condone that.

Linking up with Jessica over here!


  1. You had me at no-bake.

    Just kidding, you had me at skinny dipping.

    Sorely disappointed that this wasn't the visual I was hoping for... ;)

  2. i kinda think this might taste good with greek yogurt too.
    teddy bear cookies are a hit in this house.

  3. Yummmmm!!! I had literally just pinned this when you went to link up (or so I think). I'm glad it worked out because I think I need this asap. I just discovered the Lindt caramel brownie chocolate bar which is amazing and tastes like brownie batter before it's baked. Seriously amazing, but NOT very MFP-friendly. It seems like this could be a good alternative.

  4. This was SOOOOO good. Make some more. I promise I won't skinny dip.

  5. Oh No !!! You shouldn't have shown me this. I am going to end up eating a whole lot of this !