Monday, April 29, 2013

Hey, Monday, Heeeey!

Alright, fools.
Weekend is ovahhhhhh.
It's Monday.
T-minus 5 days until the next one begins.
(It's gonna be a good one, too!)

So, for now, let's recap the last few days of wonderful.

Hey girl(s night out on the bay trail), hey!

Hey (almost birthday) girl, hey!!

Hey favorite part of the day, hey!

Hey hipster dog with a hipster camper, hey!

Hey favorite six year old, hey.

Hey favorite spot in town, hey.

Hey mama (& big sister), hey!

Hey San Francisco's only winery, hey.
(owned by my sister's patient!)

Hey Meet Market, hey.
(a little market of local vendors and their awesome wares)

Hey most beautiful friends, hey.
(but really, right?)

Hey hanging around the ballpark, hey.
(The boys are out of town, but will be back this weekend, hey!)

Hey prayer chair, hey.
(Sudan team send off. Wheels up!)

Hey, not sure who is having more fun, hey.

Hey 6am, hey.
(PRAY, go, give, tell)

Hey, another great week, heeeeey!

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  1. hey, cuppakim!

    cute post. happy monday to you!

  2. great pics, as usual.
    i want to take that little typewriter home.

  3. I don't know why but I read those captions in the weirdest voice in my head. Anywho, looks like you had a wonder-full weekend. Here's to hoping your week is the same!

  4. I agree with Kelly! Hey sounds like "Haaaaeee-eeeyyy"