Thursday, April 4, 2013

French Toast Breakfast Bake (TASTY!)

I've been ready for PinterTest Kitchen for a month.
I've been pinning and pinning and nothing is better than actually making those tasty goodies.
The fact that our church had a potluck Easter right before the PinterTest Kitchen left no excuse not to whip up something fun.
In fact, it was a perfect PinterTest Storm.

Meg blogged her Pumpkin French Toast about a month ago, and I've been ready and waiting to get my mits on it.
Now, I know, pumpkin is usually reserved for the fall, but I'm a year round pumpkin lover.
I do not seasonally discriminate.

Super simple ingredients:
bread, eggs, pumpkin, milk, vanilla, spices, brown sugar.

What I also love about this recipe is the make ahead factor.
Works out perfectly for church potlucks.
Just prep the day before and when I wake up in the morning I pop it in the oven while I get dressed.
(I also repeated making Julie's Breakfast Bake. Same temp and bake time, awesome!)

I have one of those insulated carriers, which kept it warm until after service

I think it was absolutely divine.

Overall SO GOOD.

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  1. Yum! I'm with you on the whole pumpkin's not just for fall any more!

  2. soooooooo tasty! i would have eaten the entire thing if i didn't think strong judgment and an uncomfortable stomach ache would ensue.

  3. Easy, delicious, and you're able to make it ahead! Sounds perfect!

  4. I am loving the make ahead factor. This plus pumpkin spice latte would be my favorite fall breakfast.


  5. "I do not seasonally discriminate."

    Ha! Love it. Me neither.

    This sounds ahhmazing. Must try.

  6. make this for me. i love pumpkins.

  7. I liked. x 2. Thank you for pinning AND doing. And letting us eat it.

  8. yum.

    maybe i can join in by eating everything that all the folks make for pintertest kitchen. i could vlog it- be like the guy fierri of pintertesting. i'm totally on to something.

  9. those both look really good. going to pin them for sure! linking up with ya!

  10. These both look really good. I am a super lazy breakfast maker but I might just make one of these for dinner soon. Stopping in from PinterTest Kitchen.

  11. LOVE making Julie's bake ahead brunch casserole.
    Totally going to make this pumpkin french toast.....but I am a freak show and although I LOVE pumpkin, I only do pumpkin in the fall. I am a weirdo :) Pretty sure I will be making this on October 1st, which is when I bust out the pumpkin.

  12. Loved the French Toast bake!! NOM!!!
    Anything with pumpkin is a win in my book.
    Thanks for sharing the link and all your gorgeous photos!!

  13. now i am hungry!!! hope you liked it. :) my family devours it!