Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Very Hope-y Easter

{Sorry about the title. I had to do it. Let's move on.}
God is GOOD.
So good.
All of the ways he lined up some amazing blessings on this extra special Sunday fill my heart with joy to the brim.
New faces and old faces alike filled the seats of Hope Church on Sunday.
And when I say filled, I mean filled.
We've gone to 5 rows on a few occasions. We started with three.
This week we went to 7.
Packed to the gills.
Solid, powerful teaching.
A God who is JUST.
Who dealt JUSTLY with Sin.
Through his Son.
For us.
Death that was conquered.

A Savior who rose from the grave. 

Blessed by so many hands that helped and served each other with hearts of love and lives of service.

Rain the night before.
Clear blue skies from 8am.
Perfect for our pint sized egg hunters.

 Friends and Fellowship

And some of my favorite people.

God is GOOD.

Thank you Jesus for an amazing Sunday.
To You be the glory.


  1. LOVE this. What a blessing to have Him FILL the room! I love watching Hope grow steadily, it makes my heart so hopey...I mean happy :)

  2. so full of delight. makes me want to come visit hope church, be part of the glory for a sunday.

  3. God is so good!
    He granted us eggtravagant GRACE!
    Still praising him for the clear skies!!
    Way to capture such an amazing day Cuppa!!

  4. I love this post. I makes me very hope-y.